Medal Of Honor Winner SHREDS Trump And John Kelly For Their Hateful Words (VIDEO)

During the back and forth this week between the White House and Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D-FL), you may have asked yourself: How do veterans feel about the fact that President Trump and his Chief of Staff chose to attack a member of Congress at a time when they should have placed the focus on the four soldiers who were ambushed and killed in Niger?

If you’ve ever watched MSNBC, then you’ve seen Colonel Jack Jacobs, who serves as a military analyst for NBC News. Jacobs is also the recipient of the Medal of Honor, the highest award given to military personnel. Colonel Jacobs earned this honor during his service in Vietnam.

Jacobs was a guest on AM Joy and was asked by host Joy Reid:

“Donald Trump likes to hide behind his generals, he likes to push them out front in order to give himself credibility. What do you make of General Kelly’s willingness to be used in that way this week and then to add this extraneous story that turns up not even to be true slamming the congresswoman?”

And it was immediately clear that Colonel Jacobs couldn’t understand why General Kelly chose to defend Donald Trump:

“Well, it’s quite surprising because I know — I don’t know him very well, I’m not that close to him — but I know General Kelly…I’m quite surprised. Attacks like this don’t make any sense from anybody.”

Then Jacobs said Kelly should call Congresswoman Wilson and apologize:

“I’d pick up the phone and say, ‘look, this has gone far enough, I apologize.’ But that should have been the case from the very beginning when whatever is emanating from the White House was inaccurate as well.”

Jacobs also had some criticism and advice for Trump:

“I can say this about Donald Trump, he’s not real good at talking. If I were Trump, I would have picked up the phone and said, ‘look, that was my ham-handed way of being sympathetic, I’m not good at that and I apologize.’ And all this stuff would have been over.”

But Trump won’t. He will never apologize, which tells you that he’s incapable of genuine sympathy or self-reflection.

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