Melania Gets Mocked After Hypocritically Complaining About Coronavirus ‘Rumors’

Much like her husband, First Lady Melania Trump often does herself more harm than good when it comes to her social media postings, many of which come back to haunt her or undercut the message she’s trying to convey.

The coronavirus issue is no different. Since the beginning of the pandemic which has now claimed nearly 1,200 American lives, President Donald Trump has tried to downplay the danger posed by the virus while also suggesting how serious of a threat COVID-19 has proven to be.

But something Melania posted this week about coronavirus and misinformation around the issue is especially ironic, not to mention downright tone-deaf and glaringly hypocritical.

Recently, this tweet appeared on the First Lady’s account:

We can all agree that rumors and misinformation are not needed at this time when lives are literally on the line. Being misinformed in a crisis can be fatal.

But for Melania to make such a call for clarity and factual information when she’s married to a man who routinely lies and spreads bogus conspiracy theories on both his Twitter feed and Fox News is not only laughable, it’s also infuriating, as plenty of Twitter users were quick to remind her:

It’s been said a million times before but needs to be repeated now more than ever: Melania you and your “husband” really need to delete your social media accounts and keep your bullshit to yourself.

Also, start packing your crap up. There’s an excellent chance you’ll be moving sooner than you think.

3 thoughts on “Melania Gets Mocked After Hypocritically Complaining About Coronavirus ‘Rumors’

  1. Maybe Melanina and Ivanka could do there civic duty and volunteers themselves at the local hospital see if they are able to help with the not as bad as they think virus… America needs more people on the front line…. Leave the other stuff to the pros. not those cons that are all swamping in the white house.

  2. personally, I think her comment was in rebuke to DJT and his inability to tell the truth. she said to listen to authorities. proud of her! bbh

    • The FLOTUS is not the sharpest we ever had and more prone to being blind to what is happening under her nose. Like her trip to the kids in cages wearing the “I could care less” coat.

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