MELTDOWN: Rubio Staffers Assault Robot Protesters (Photos/Video)

Ever since Florida Senator Marco Rubio repeated the same talking point four times during the last GOP debate, protesters have shown up outside his New Hampshire campaign headquarters dressed in cardboard boxes and pretending to be robots. I’m not an attorney, but that certainly sounds like protected speech under the First Amendment.

However, earlier this morning in New Hampshire, some staffers with the Rubio campaign decided they’d had enough and took matters into their own hands, physically assaulting protesters, who happen to be a members of the Democratic group American Bridge. Take a look at this video of the confrontation:

That’s no way to treat a human being or a robot!

The vice president of American Bridge, Eddie Vale, posted this on Twitter shortly after the confrontation:

The Rubio staffers ripped one of the robot box costumes to shreds, apparently not realizing that they should be blaming the software engineer who programmed their beloved MarcoBot prior to the debate.

What is perhaps most fascinating (and disturbing) about today’s dustup is that it seems to be a trend among Republican candidates seeking the 2016 nomination. Protesters at Donald Trump rallies have been verbally harassed, spat upon, and attacked while supporters chanted, “Trump, Trump, Trump.” Conservatives love to talk about free speech, but then they seem to think it only applies to them and those who agree with them.

Marco Rubio, meanwhile, is attempting to regain the momentum he has lost since his malfunction in the last debate. There are reports that big donors are now withholding needed donations until they see if Rubio can possibly recover. Even if he does, there’s one thing he can never get beyond: He is a lightweight pretty boy with zero experience who has a slim chance of even being elected to anything other than the Senate seat he now holds.

Here are some photos from the skirmish outside Rubio’s New Hampshire campaign headquarters this morning:

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