Michael Cohen Is About To Help Federal Prosecutors Drop The Hammer On Sean Hannity

Michael Cohen, who served as Donald Trump’s personal attorney and fixer for a decade, testified Wednesday before the House Oversight Committee, and what he had to say (along with the documentation he brought with him) was very bad news for the president.

But something Cohen revealed about another of his clients suggests that Fox News host Sean Hannity may well be in major league legal jeopardy.

Cohen, you may recall, only had three clients in his legal practice: Donald Trump, former Republican National Committee (RNC) finance chairman Elliott Broidy, and Sean Hannity. And a response Cohen gave when asked about tapes he made of his former clients should be of special concern to Hannity.

Republicans on the oversight committee tried desperately to suggest that Cohen had broken the law by making recordings, though that seems unlikely given New York’s very lenient laws on taping conversations. But Cohen also revealed that one of the tapes he had involved another person who he said “is also subject to an ongoing investigation.”

Since we know Trump is under investigation, that only leaves Broidy and Hannity. Broidy has been under investigation since 2018 for money laundering and influence peddling, which is no secret. But it’s never been formally disclosed that Hannity is being looked at by Mueller and/or the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York.

The problem for Hannity is that his many connections to Trump and the 2016 Trump campaign make him a prime suspect. After all, Hannity has admitted on-air that he was in direct contact with former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort at a time when Manafort was under surveillance by federal authorities.

Hannity has also been in constant contact with Trump since he took office. That alone would make him a person of interest to investigators. And if Cohen has turned over tapes of him talking to Hannity about possibly illegal deals or other criminal conduct, then Sean is completely screwed.

So while Wednesday was a bad day for Donald Trump, it may well have been doomsday for Sean Hannity.

Lock him up!

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