Michael Cohen’s Ties To Russian Organized Crime Have Trump Very Worried

Lost amidst all the chatter regarding Michael Cohen and the role he’s played as a “fixer” for Donald Trump and Sean Hannity is a fact that’s certain to draw the attention of Special Counsel Robert Mueller: Cohen’s many ties to Russian mafia figures.

ProPublica recently took a deep dive into Cohen’s mob connections, and what they found suggests that not only is Cohen willing to offer his services to the highest bidder, he may well have involved Trump and made introductions for him to notorious members of the Russian mafia here in the United States and in Russia.

Consider this from a report published by Salon:

“Cohen is not exactly a made man … Before he joined up with Trump in the mid-2000s Cohen was involved in a series of scams, including insurance and IRS fraud, for which he always avoided indictment while others were jailed or fined.

Many of his associates in these businesses came from the former Soviet Union and had connections to Russian organized crime. Cohen married a Ukrainian immigrant whose father had pleaded guilty to a felony conspiracy to defraud the IRS in a taxi medallion fraud case. Cohen himself has made millions in the New York taxi business, which is reportedly one of the areas the FBI cited in its search warrant.”

Ask yourself a question: Why would Donald Trump hire as his personal attorney a man who once specialized in personal injury lawsuits and has done nothing to distinguish himself in the legal world? Maybe because Cohen had connections to people Trump thought he could get badly needed funding from in Russia, many of whom just so happen to be mobsters.

Oh, and then there’s the Cohen family connection to the Russian mafia:

“Cohen’s father and uncle were both doctors, but the uncle also owned a ‘social club’ in Brooklyn called El Caribe that was a known Mafia hangout in the 1970s and ’80s. The Russian mob, then run by a legendary godfather named Evsei Agron, then by his successor, Marat Balagula, (who was suspected of killing Agron) had offices in El Caribe and pretty much ran their nefarious business out of it for some years.”

Here’s another frightening fact that must be walking around in Trump’s head ever since the raid on Cohen’s office, home, and hotel room: If the feds can link Cohen to the Russian mob, they can also go after Trump on federal racketeering charges. And that, as the old saying goes, would be lights out for Donnie.

Reports that Trump was livid about the Cohen raid make perfect sense when you consider that Cohen may well be the most valuable witness the feds will have as they go after Trump on multiple criminal charges.

Donald Trump is about to be staring a racketeering (RICO) indictment with his name on it, and he can thank Michael Cohen for that.

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