Michael Flynn May Have Worn A Wire In His Conversations With Trump (DETAILS)

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has been very busy ever since he accepted a plea agreement with Special Counsel Robert Mueller a year ago. According to the sentencing memo filed in December by Mueller’s team, Flynn met with prosecutors 19 times and provided “substantial assistance.”

But if we take a close look at the wording in Flynn’s plea agreement, we see a line which suggests that he agreed to wear a wire and collect evidence, and that has Frank Figliuzzi, the former Assistant Director for Counterintelligence at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, suggesting that it’s entirely possible Flynn recorded conversations he had with none other than Donald Trump.

During an appearance on MSNBC recently, Figliuzzi began by noting that he has a good idea what names are under those redacted portions of the Flynn sentencing memo:

“I think, in fact, that underneath these redactions, if we were to lift these black magic marker points out, we would see people with the last name Trump or Kushner. That’s my gut, that’s how this reads. I believe the extensive redaction is a reflection of that level of sensitivity.”

Figliuzzi then went on to explain why he thinks those redactions are so important:

“It’s part of a deliberate strategy to lock in the information before he’s possibly taken out. What did we see yesterday? We saw the opposite of that, we saw lots of redaction. You do that in the FBI either when you have classified information or you are at such a sensitivity level that you cannot expose it.”

But it was what the former FBI agent said next that drew a surprised gasp from host Mika Brzezinski:

“We see reference here to quick cooperation by Flynn. What does that mean? Did it happen in what we call the golden hour, where you could even wire somebody up and have him share communications in real time?”

Flynn had access to Trump for 24 days before he was finally removed from his post when payments he had received from Russia and Turkey became public. Imagine how much he could have recorded or transmitted live as he sat and had discussions with both the president and Vice President Mike Pence.

If there are indeed recordings, then Trump will find out — just as Richard Nixon did — that a man’s own words are the most damning evidence in the world.

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