Michael Flynn’s Sentencing Memo Proves Mike Pence Is Screwed

In the sentencing memo filed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller Tuesday evening in federal court, it was noted that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had provided “substantial assistance” to the Russia investigation, and met with members of the special counsel’s office some 19 times over the past year.

But there was another line in that same memorandum that tells us just how deeply in shit Vice President Mike Pence is as a result of the role he played in the 2016 Trump campaign. The line reads:

“[Flynn] assisted the [Special Counsel’s Office] investigation on a range of issues, including interactions between individuals in the Presidential Transition Team and Russia.”

The Trump transition team was headed by none other than Mike Pence.

Since the Russia probe began, Pence has tried to pretend he knew nothing about Flynn taking money from Russia and Turkey, saying in May 2017:

“There is no evidence of collusion between our campaign and any Russian officials.”

Shortly after Pence made those remarks, evidence of contacts by members of the Trump campaign and Russia came to light, leading the Veep to change his story and assure us that he was “not aware” such things had happened, even though he was head of the transition team.

It’s also instructive to note that Mueller is recommending Flynn receive no jail time whatsoever because he’s been so helpful to investigators. That, Ryan Lizza of Esquire pointed out on CNN, suggests that Flynn must have given information on one or more of the “big fish” in the Trump administration:

“Remember when Flynn was first reported to be a cooperator, what most analysts said was you only get a good deal if you give up someone above you.

“He was the national security adviser for the president — there aren’t very many people above him in the White House hierarchy. Basically only the vice president and the president.”

Mike Pence has long harbored dreams of being president one day. But that’ll be difficult to pull off from a prison cell.

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