More Incriminating Trump-Ukraine Tapes Are About To Be Released

This week, as Donald Trump repeatedly whined on Twitter about how unfair it was that he’s on trial in the U.S. Senate on two articles of impeachment and his Republican enablers vowed not to convict the president no matter what evidence is presented to them, an audio recording made it clear that the more you dig, the more guilty Trump becomes.

That tape, made public by Joseph Bondy, an attorney for Lev Parnas, features Trump demanding that the former ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, be fired immediately from her post. And the language the president used was like something straight out of the mafia, with him remarking:

“Get rid of her! Get her out tomorrow. I don’t care. Get her out tomorrow. Take her out. Do it.”

Even worse for Trump is the fact that more tapes exist, and Bondy hinted during an appearance on CNN that there’s a good chance he’s going to release them, too, telling host Anderson Cooper that “perhaps” he would make those tapes public, especially if the GOP-controlled Senate continues to refuse to call witnesses, which Bondy noted was “like a silent movie or a puppet show.”

While we cannot yet know what might be contained on those other recordings, imagine for just a second if they contain any of the following:

  • Trump telling an associate that he’s trying to get dirt on Joe Biden or his son, Hunter.
  • The president discussing how he set up a scheme to extort criminal investigations of the Bidens from Ukraine.
  • Trump or any member of his administration bringing up that Russia is also part of the Ukraine conspiracy.

Clearly, the possibilities are endless, and they’re all bad for Trump. Unless, of course, there’s a tape of him saying he wants no part of the Ukraine scheme. And what are the chances of that? About the same as pigs flying for Delta and unicorns farting rainbows as they rocket into the heavens on spaceships constructed of cotton candy and cake frosting.

Remember when former FBI Director James Comey exclaimed during his testimony before Congress in June of 2017, “Lordy, I hope there are tapes”? Well, there are indeed tapes connected to the very scandal which has led to Trump being impeached. And just like in Watergate, the tapes could wind up being exactly what destroys yet another crooked American head of state.

Here’s Joseph Bondy’s appearance on CNN:

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