MSNBC Host: Roger Stone Email Trail PROVES Trump Conspired With Russia

Something odd happened on Tuesday: We learned of a harebrained scheme cooked up by two right-wing morons who were willing to pay women to allege they had been sexually harassed/assaulted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. In response,  Mueller referred the case to the FBI, and the two hapless dolts face multiple federal charges that could place them behind bars for years.

Less strange (but equally intriguing), was a report from The Washington Post which suggested that Mueller is moving closer to indicting longtime Trump ally Roger Stone:

“The special counsel investigation into President Trump’s longtime ally Roger Stone is pressing witnesses about Stone’s private interactions with senior campaign officials and whether he had knowledge of politically explosive Democratic emails that were released in October 2016, according to multiple people familiar with the probe.”

Stone, you may recall, bragged about having inside information about when WikiLeaks would release emails hacked from servers at the Democratic National Committee and later leaked in the final months of the 2016 presidential race.

And as Nicolle Wallace noted on her daily MSNBC show, “Deadline: White House,” the Post report seems to provide the final proof that Trump and members of his campaign are indeed guilty of conspiring with Russia:

“[This] seems to be the story that a lot of people were expecting that would confirm, Robert Mueller, who’s already charged 13 Russians with a conspiracy to effect and impact the 2016 election, is simply looking for one more dot to connect the Trump campaign — or Trump’s associates — would be that conspiracy. This would seem to be it — the stolen emails and timing of their release and their knowledge of that.”

Guest Phil Rucker of the Post agreed, noting:

“It shows how much Mueller is doing. We think he’s gone dark because there have not been public announcements or big, splashy indictments this fall, but the special counsel’s office is very much plugging along, building their case, and there could be some activity after the election.”

How ironic would it be if emails –the very same issue Trump used against Hillary Clinton — wind up being the proverbial smoking gun that destroys Donald Trump? It’s the ultimate in karma.

Here’s Nicolle Wallace:

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