MSNBC Sources: Joe Scarborough’s Bromance With Trump May Cost Him His Job

Joe Scarborough is known for being a diehard Republican who will cheer just about anything a member of the GOP says or does. But now his unbridled love for all things involving Donald Trump may put his television career in jeopardy.

CNN reporter Dylan Byers spoke with several highly-placed sources within MSNBC and was told that Scarborough’s fawning on-air attitude towards Trump is making many at the network very uncomfortable:

“In background discussions, NBC News and MSNBC journalists, reporters and staffers said there was widespread discomfort at the network over Scarborough’s friendship with Trump and his increasingly favorable coverage of the candidate.

“‘People don’t like that Joe is promoting Trump,’ one MSNBC insider said. Others described Scarborough’s admiration for Trump as ‘over the top’ and ‘unseemly.’

“Four of those sources also said that the growing media scrutiny over the two men’s relationship has caused the network’s leadership to more closely monitor Scarborough’s comments. ‘The higher-ups are definitely aware about what’s going on,’ said another person within MSNBC. ‘It’s an issue.'”

In just the past couple of weeks, Scarborough has had the following to say about Trump:

  • “A masterful politician”
  • He has called Trump “brilliant” and insinuated that Trump has created a new form of political discourse that cannot be beaten by either party.

A report in the Washington Post stated that Trump has received “a tremendous degree of warmth from the show,” and that his appearances on the show tend to feel like “a cozy social club.”

As if all this isn’t more than enough to call into question Scarborough’s questionable objectivity, he has also admitted that he helped Trump prepare for debates.

As for the reputation of MSNBC, which has been flagging ever since the takeover by Comcast, this kind of worship of one Presidential candidate can only further degrade what little credibility the network has thanks to on-air stars such as Rachel Maddow.

So don’t be surprised if Joe Scarborough is tossed over the side of the MSNBC ship before he manages to drive the entire vessel into the rocks.

62 thoughts on “MSNBC Sources: Joe Scarborough’s Bromance With Trump May Cost Him His Job

    • It is disturbing that almost EVERY DAY, we who do not like this cozy friendship, have to listened to His rhetoric and purring over Trump, and then laughing about the other candidates…enough is ENOUGH..EVER wonder why you are looking viewers..And I am talking to all my Friends and believe me, so ARE they…thank you, and take heed….

    • Sue is echoing the sentiments of many. Their fawning over somebody like Trump is an affront to the senses. It’s nauseating really.

    • Joe knows DONALD GUMP is the repukelicans only path to the white house eve though he would kill the nation but bigotry knows no bounds. In the effort to make the white house white again it HITLER ran as a repukelican Joe would vote for him.

    • I don’t think Keith will work there again considering the Republican turn they’ve taken. And for Rachel, who I loved dearly, would have been happy to be an adopted aunt…her passionate declaration for BS…..nope!

    • Great idea! I don’t watch Mika and Joe anymore! And while we are at it bring back investigative reporting. I’m tired of listening to the horse race. My vote is worth more than who is ahead in the polls

    • I second the motion! I am very disappointed in both Mika and Joe. Not sure what changed? Maybe the powers behind Trump and the Republican Party are giving heavy sponsorships to the show. The saddest thing is that the Media in General could give this election to Trump. SECRETARY Clinton doesn’t deserve any of this disrespect, she is awesome, and clearly the most competent person to be our next t President and Leader. In truly believe sexism is a big part of witch hunt!
      Scary Times….

  1. I like Joe and think he is intellectually straight. But the rent of Trump appearances on the show are troubling considering that no others appear with such regularity.
    Nevertheless, I am used to be awakened every day by Morning Joe m

  2. Trump doesn’t have to pay for his publicity nor much of his radio/television campaign since the media is promoting him. The corporate owned media is backing Trump and money is controlling what Americans see and hear. The media is promoting Trump. Wonder how he will pay those that own the media back if he is elected.

    • Very good point, Mary, since he claims that he is not beholding to any donors. Well, evidently Scarborough is a donor in another form, as well as the incessant free coverage by the media that no other candidate gets.

  3. Chris Mathews and Dan Regan, and Rachel Maddow and then this horror of Lock Up that we don’t watch, along with what but they might see as a nullifying presence with Joe Scarbourgh. I read more fascistic base to it all than muckraking as we need and get a bit from Ms. Maddow. Exploiting the prison population disturbs me.

  4. What about the fawning over Hillary at MSNBC? Especially, Chris Mathews?

    And, in fact, the Trumpster is a masterful showman, maybe not masterful politician, but he has garnered huuuuuge coverage just by saying one outrageous thing after another. I may — and do — hate whatever Trump’s politics are, but he has changed the game, just as did Sarah.

    And it’s not just MSNBC that falls over itself turning the spotlight on Trump, which then rings their cash registers.

  5. I used to watch everyday, however I can no longer stomach Joe. I used turn when he started mooning over Trump It got to be too much so I just turned off all together.

  6. I too used to start and end the day with MSNBC, but the crap served up in the mornings led to my departure to more reasonable sources of info. The most frustrating thing about MSNBC is the policy of removing people like Olbermann, Uger, Bashir and Schultz, with other honest reporters at risk of being cut. For now, Lawrence O’Donnell is the only person I remain committed to viewing. If MSNBC continues to abandon any effort to balance the scales of information I’m afraid they’ll look too much like the FAUX News channel.

    • I agree with you totally ,that MSNBC has gone off its rails ,getting rid of Ed ,and the rest of them have gone after Hillary , I don’t like that they are trying to be like Fox and I have watched for years . I’m saying that I will not watch MSNBC more ,I don’t like the way they are headed which to me is down the toilet !

  7. I started each day with Morning’ Joe from the very beginning…but no more. I cannot abide watching even for guest that I admire and enjoy seeing. I begin the day now with Charlie Rose and CBS. I want intelligent discussion and a little lighthearted humor with my morning Joe.

  8. Mika is no better than Joe. She’s like a puppy following her master, that being Joe S. Is that why her father no longer appears on the show? She makes an appearance much like the republican women who have a huge chip on her shoulder. Maybe she should go to Fox News too. The way they treat Harold Ford is being shameful. As soon as one says anything those 2 don’t like, they’re all over him.

  9. This article isn’t quite fair. Scarborough has called Trump on the carpet numerous times, once even cutting him off in the middle of a segment and not returning to him for the remainder of the program. Further, Mika offers a nice counterpoint to Joe’s views–

  10. Anyone watching the show can see that he supports Trump. He stands out above all the other on the show who try and be fair with every one. He just let’s it be known he favors Trump.It apears that he has lost his objectivity when it comes to trump. It sticks out like a sour thumb.He certainly not fair.

  11. As a once devoted watcher of MSNBC for years I abandoned the network. It used to just stay on in the background all day at my home office through primetime and even the second run of the primetime programming off for a couple of hours and back on never having to change the channel. When Joe would go on a tirade I would turn to CSPan. Now my TV stays on CSpan. If I am not to busy I get up and turn on Rachel. MSNBC took off all the voices I used to admire and respect. I only watch on weekends. Having Joy Reid swing by is not enough. Giver her back her show.

    • Toni, l feel the same as you. I still watch all day but it’s certainly not the same. I feel like they are trying to appease the moderate audience. Something happened over there when they let Ed Schultz, Crystal Ball, Martin Bashir and others go. I’m not interested in what Hugh Hewit, Ann Coulter, Bill Krystal and other right wing pundits have to say. Especially that smirk on Bill Krystal’s face. I’ve just learned here that MSNBC is owned by Comcast. That may be the answer. I may also have to turn to C span. Despise Joe Scarburough!

  12. I quit watching Morning Joe because of the unfair handling of surrogates for HRC and because of fawning support of Trump

  13. It’s about time. We’ve been listening to this BS for 6 over months & we have complained to MSNBC on numerous occasions. It’s not right, it’s not fair to the other candidates, it’s embarrassing & I’m not watching anymore. Chris Matthews is next.

  14. I started watching Morning Joe from the start, but I stopped altogether when I noticed the rudeness Joe would show on the air and the favoritism to his Republican buddies a blind man could see it coming. They get rid of good honest reporters and keep this guy with his I am more important than anybody on-air attitude. When Joe is gone I will return for the time being I´ll stick with Chris, Rachel and Lawrence thank you very much.

  15. I agree with most of the comments, I miss the shoe but Joe drives me up to the clicker. I am so tired of hearing about his victories in Florida….when was that exactly? I like Harold Ford and am disappointed he’s no longer on. And I am so tired of hearing Trump – and literally I have turned to Fox News at times because they don’t cover him! I hate when Joe asks someone a question and then rudely interrupts the guest. Doesn’t Mika understand that when Joe uses her name, he’s only trying to control the conversation !!!
    I still watch Chris, Rachel and Lawrence – etc. But have switched permanently from Morning Joe

  16. I agree with the other comments, I used to love mornings watching Morning Joe,but lately you would think Trump was a god in Joe’s eyes.Also disappointed with Mika,she act like she is afraid to say anything to disagree with Joe. SHE needs to stop being Meek Mika

  17. I think all the networks are promoting Trump and Bernie Sanders. It is sickening how they use the airways to promote their agendas. I hope everyone will use their common sense when they go in the voting booth. This is our country and we will pay the consequences if we vote the wrong way. I like Bernie and think he is a good man but I worry he will not be able to endure the evil in Washington like President Obama has. I also worry about his weakness on foreign policy. I do hope a Democrat will win though. I have watched the Republican debates and it is troubling to say the least!

  18. Turned Joe off the day he insulted Harold Ford. Count the # of times he interrupts a democratic voice vs republican. Obvious. Mika needs to find worth.

  19. The problem thst I see, is if he dies not agree with him, he will let you know, they laugh at how they talk about Obama, they call hillary a liar, but when trump talks about the pope he laughs, I’m tired of all of the but willie, I like him, but most are scared to talk about real issues, bring back the rev, the ed show, but keep Tamar hall she tells it like it is

  20. Stopped watching Joe and Mika in early summer when it became clear that they could not be objective. Have to go to CNN instead in the mornings.

  21. True…and I am tired of it.
    Sure, I change the channel but it is grossly unfair to the other candidates and to the voters. Period.

  22. There is bias by 99 % of media reporters on msnbc, however, scarborough is by far the worst abuser. I agree on his fixation with trump. And I am sick and tired of every comment he makes begins with when he was in public office. As a “journalist” meka is voiceless and a coward who cow tows to this narcissist. I have ceased watching morning junk and many other news programs on msnbc.

  23. I watch Morning Joe, and have never heard Joe say anything kind about Trump. Doe any of you actually watch the show, or are you just jumping on the bandwagon. Joe is a fan of Jeb, not Trump.

  24. Julie, have you been watching the same show all the others have been trying to watch? I no longer watch Morning Joe. The fawning over Trump is sickening.

  25. I call bullshit. Every damn show on that network has been ordered to be “All Trump, all the time.”

  26. Mika does her fair share of Trump butt kissing too. Dump the whole show and return MSNBC back to it’s proper spot to the left. Sad to see we now have two Faux news

  27. Ever since MSNBC became FOX News II on cable I have quit watching. Many of my friends also quit watching when they got rid of Ed, Joy, Rev Al and replaced them with all these women that look like they just came off of Fox news network. MSNBC was the only news channel that represented progressives. We had a voice. Now we have nothing. My close friend told me the other day that she stopped watching MSNBC because they spend every news program covering Trump and little time covering Bernie and Hillary. We are just sick of these programming changes and the fact that they have more Repuks on their programs then Democrats. I hope they fire Scarborough and then I hope their whole damn news network falls into the New York harbor. P.S. Many of those fine people who use to be on MSNBC can now be seen on CNN.

  28. All, I mean all of people left are biased. They are all Clinton supporters! They give Bernie about five seconds of air time, and that is usually very confrontational and and disrespectful! When Hillary is on or talked about, it’s a love fest! I can no longer watch. I used to watch Ed and Rachel every day! Loved them both! Now no Ed and Rachel just swoons over Hillary. I can’t !

  29. Please please at least get rid of Joe. Then Andrea Mitchell. Bring back those that made you a great network for progressives. Joy to the world, love her. Love Keith Oberman, Chris Matthews, Rachael, Lawrence, Rev. Al, Mr. Ed, Marty. Get with what the viewers want, not your GOP President.

  30. Seems unfair that the owners of corporate media are now dictating who a reporter can praise or not praise. Please allow the audience the opportunities to hear all the reporters true views on different candidates. It is assumed most Americans prefer honest leaders as positive role models. This includes our public servants who are in charge of protecting national security. This is also the main reason the younger generation respect and admire Senator Bernie Sanders because of his honesty, humility, intelligence, experience, fairness, kindness, and wisdom! Check out Bernie’s record on you tube. Help by passing out fliers, making calls, and donating at Remember that the people who know him the most voted for him by a huge margin of 86% in his home state. Vote smart. Vote Bernie.

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