Mueller Report Being Delayed Until Don Jr. and Jared Are Indicted

Earlier this week, CNN, NBC News, and the Washington Post all reported that the long-awaited report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller was about to be delivered to newly confirmed Attorney General William Barr.

But by Friday, those reports were proven to be wrong, with a senior Justice Department official telling NBC that Barr would not be receiving the special counsel’s report by the end of next week.

So what happened? Why a complete 180 degree turn in the span of just a few days?

Former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade said Saturday she’s convinced the delay is due to pending indictments, and she even suggested those indictments have two prominent names on them: Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner.

During an appearance on MSNBC Saturday, McQuade laid out how she had come to her hypothesis:

“The fact that all of the documents that continue to come out, continue to have redactions in them suggest that there are still investigations that are not quite wrapped up. Now it could be when someone is investigated that doesn’t necessarily mean they will be a charge — it means charges are being looked at. If they find evidence that the crimes were committed, there could be charges. one area under scrutiny is whether other people have lied to Congress.”

Numerous individuals — Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone — have been charged with lying to investigators or during Congressional testimony, and we recently learned that the House Intelligence Committee has shared transcripts of Don Jr. and Kushner’s testimony with Mueller’s team of investigators.

McQuade then made a logical conclusion based on what we already know and what we’ve seen from Robert Mueller:

“Michael Cohen admitted to lying about Trump Tower Moscow and forced to plead guilty to that offense even though it brought no additional prison time and there were redactions from his sentencing memo where around the topic that talked about providing valuable information in the form of substantial assistance about circulating his testimony regarding that matter with others. So I would think that if others lied about that matter, other matters, we might see charges against them. That would include Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner.”

There’s one final batch of BIG NAME indictments coming from Robert Mueller. And they’re the ones Donald Trump and the White House fear the most.

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