New Court Filing Says Donald Trump Is The Head Of A Vast Criminal Conspiracy

For over a year, Donald Trump has been proclaiming his innocence as it relates to the Russian attack on the 2016 election, but new court filings prove his protestations are, like everything he says or tweets, bald-faced lies.

Friday evening, in three separate documents submitted in federal court by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and prosecutors with the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York, we learned that Trump is now accused — as an unindicted co-conspirator — of having directed criminal conspiracies as they relate to:

  • The payment of hush money to women Trump allegedly had affairs with.
  • Attempts to rig the 2016 election by acting in conjunction with Russian entities and individuals.

The Cohen sentencing memo states that Trump directed his former attorney to violate federal election laws for the purpose of winning the election via deception. Harvard law professor Lawrence Tribe explains it perfectly:

Be sure and note the phrase “directed a criminal conspiracy.” That means Trump conspired with Cohen to break the law and win the election.

Then there’s the Russia conspiracy, which Trump loves to try and dismiss by swearing there was “no collusion.” Both the Cohen and Manafort sentencing memos prove there was plenty of collusion as well as a much larger conspiracy.

The AP reports:

“In one of the filings, Mueller details how Cohen spoke to a Russian who claimed to be a ‘trusted person’ in the Russian Federation who could offer the campaign ‘political synergy’ and ‘synergy on a government level.’

The person repeatedly dangled a meeting between Trump and Putin, saying such a meeting could have a ‘phenomenal’ impact ‘not only in political but in a business dimension as well.'”

Garrett M. Graff of Wired expertly sums up the Russian conspiracy case built by Mueller and revealed in the sentencing memos:

“Mueller’s court filings, when coupled with other investigative reporting, paint a picture of how the Russian government, through various trusted-but-deniable intermediaries, conducted a series of ‘approaches’ over the course of the spring of 2016 to determine … whether ‘this is a guy you can do business with.'”

The June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower is proof-positive that the Russians did indeed find someone to do business with.

Keep in mind we still haven’t seen the report Mueller will release at the end of his investigation, and there are probably many more indictments yet to drop. But as of now, we have more than enough evidence to prove the current president is a felon and must be removed from office immediately.

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