New Evidence Proves Trump’s Involvement In Illegal Money Laundering

Though it’s long been suspected that Donald Trump has extensive ties to international money laundering operations which wash illegal cash through real-estate projects around the world, until now most of the evidence against Trump has been circumstantial.

But now, thanks to the release of the full transcript of testimony given by Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson before the Senate Judiciary Committee, we have concrete proof that Trump is indeed a part of laundering illegal money.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) released a transcript of Simpson’s testimony before her committee, and it suggests that Special Counsel Robert Mueller probably has one hell of a case already against Trump.

As part of his testimony, Simpson laid out exactly how money had been stolen from a bank in Kazakhstan and then funneled into various projects across the globe, including the Trump SoHo hotel. Simpson explained:

“So there was a civil case, at least one civil case in New York involving — filed by the city of Almaty… against some alleged Kazakh money launderers. I don’t remember exactly how, but we learned that — it wasn’t from Chris. We learned that Felix Sater had some connections with these people, and it’s been more recently in the media that he’s helping the government of Kazakhstan to recover this money. There’s been media reports that the money went into the Trump Soho or it went into the company that built the Trump Soho.”

Felix Sater, who was born in Russia, is known to have ties to mafia organizations around the world, including the notorious Russian and Sicilian mafias which control a great deal of illegal activity such as drug smuggling, prostitution, and gambling. Sater has done business with Trump since 2003 and once had a residence and business office in Trump Tower.

But Sater isn’t the only unsavory character Simpson found with ties to Trump and the Trump organization. Simpson testified to the Judiciary Committee that Arif Tevfik was also part of the Trump SoHo deal. Tevfik is an alleged mobster from Central Asia who was once arrested for his involvement in child prostitution, which Trump has also been accused of helping to support in both Russia and the United States.

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