New Evidence Raises Troubling Questions About Bill Barr’s Role In The Ukraine Scandal

Earlier today, we got yet another piece of evidence that proves Donald Trump did indeed order the removal of the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch.

ABC News obtained a recording of President Trump telling a close associate that he wanted Yovanovitch fired immediately. On the tape, Trump declares:

“Get rid of her! Get her out tomorrow. I don’t care. Get her out tomorrow. Take her out. OK? Do it.”

Who was Trump speaking to? Lev Parnas, the close associate of Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani. The president has repeatedly denied he knows Parnas, but this tape proves that to be yet another lie.

The tape also raises troubling questions about what exactly the Department of Justice — specifically Attorney General William Barr — knew about the Ukraine extortion scandal and whether or not the attorney general is working behind the scenes to assure that the scandal doesn’t unfold any further.

But since Barr hasn’t spoken on the matter, we don’t know exactly what he may be doing to prevent further disclosures or protect others who were part of the scandal that has led to Trump’s impeachment.

Greg Sargent of the Washington Post notes that one sentence in the ABC report stood out to him. Here’s that passage:

“A copy of the recording is now in the custody of federal prosecutors in New York’s Southern District, who declined to comment to ABC News.”

Sounds promising, doesn’t it? SDNY is looking into the matter and now has additional evidence.

Though we have no idea what progress SDNY is making in the Ukraine case, Sargent goes on to add, there’s another more ominous bit of information that remains hidden and could well be why we’ve heard so little from AG Barr since the scandal broke in late 2019:

“All of which is a reminder that we still have only the foggiest understanding of the role Attorney General William P. Barr is playing. Is Barr allowing this investigation — whatever it’s examining — to proceed wherever the facts lead? We just don’t have any idea.”

As we saw with the Mueller report, Barr is only too happy to run interference for Trump and do whatever is necessary to protect the president. But if that includes impeding or shutting down the SDNY’s investigation, that would mean that Barr is the next member of this administration that needs to be impeached.

2 thoughts on “New Evidence Raises Troubling Questions About Bill Barr’s Role In The Ukraine Scandal

  1. This is the most corrupt administration ever! The Republican Congress aids all the Trumpsters with deceit! This has got to end soon! We deserve soooo much better! Vote BLUE! Restore sanity and humanity!

  2. Trump is no good!!! Gone is what we want. I wouldn’t donate a penny to him, I wouldn’t purchase anything to do with him. Everytime I click on a reply to the survey it takes me to by something of his really??? A picture a Fox News as well. The survey just quickly show no we don’t want him, yes he should be impeached. He took advantage of a country vulnerability to try to muddy his opponents water and re dirtied his own. God doesn’t like ugly and trump will pay the piper for his. It makes my stomach turn to see so many older people support this horrible man. You would think the were old enough to know better, to know that lying is wrong, abusing and bullying is wrong, racism is wrong, he has no morals, no values, no class, no dignity, to trash people because they don’t like him or disagree with him. To abuse our house and our senate with threats that he will ruin their careers if they vote against him. This and more is trump!!!! What is there to like about him? Not a damn thing!!!!!

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