New Poll Reveals What Americans Really Think About Trump–The Results Are Terrifying

Let’s see how Donald Trump tries to spin these numbers: Fully half of this country now thinks that Trump’s Presidential campaign has fascist overtones, according to a new survey released by HuffPost/YouGov. Only 30 percent say it does not reek of fascism.

While you might be tempted to think this sentiment is mainly held by Democrats, the just-released poll also indicates that 45 percent of independents also say Trump’s campaign has echoes of fascism, as do a full 28 percent Republicans who were questioned on the matter.

The poll also shows that nearly half of Americans also believe that Trump is responsible for encouraging violence at his campaign rallies. 34 percent say Trump is not responsible for the violence. Interestingly, 27 percent of those who identify as Republicans say it is perfect acceptable to “rough up” protesters who come to political events.

Other results in the poll indicate that two-thirds say there’s more violence at Trump’s events than at those for any other candidate, with a whopping 62 percent saying the clashes are part of a broader pattern and not just “isolated incidents” as the Trump campaign is fond of saying.

Even Republicans can see the mayhem taking place at Trump rallies: 55 percent majority of Republicans consider Trump’s events to be violent, and 61 percent say they believe the violent clashes are part of a bigger pattern.

But these results should also beg these questions: Who is responsible; who is to blame? Fifty-four percent say protesters are “a lot” to blame. 41 percent say the blame lies with Trump’s rabid supporters, and 47 percent lay the blame squarely at the feet of Trump himself.

The results among GOP members, however, skew much lower, with only 23 percent of Republicans agreeing that Trump is and barely one-quarter believing that he himself encourages violence at his rallies.

It should give all of us pause when we see the results of this poll. Has this country ever been closer to embracing and celebrating fascism than it does at this very moment? Some may try to compare 2016 to 1964, when Barry Goldwater was running for the Republicans. Goldwater never had any chance of winning anything other than moral victories. Lyndon Johnson was reelected in 1964 by a historic margin.

It remains too early to write the final chapter on 2016, but clearly large numbers of Americans can see the ominous clouds being brought about with the rise of Donald Trump.

Is Trump a fascist? This video argues he is and gives examples:


6 thoughts on “New Poll Reveals What Americans Really Think About Trump–The Results Are Terrifying

      • People keep touting this line as cause for assurance. But I just don’t know. I do know that history has shown that a remarkably slim number of fanatics can effectively wrest control. The Nazi had slim representation in the Reichtag at first. South Africa was commandeered by the right wing who instituted Apartheid though outnumbered 25-1. Even if Trump loses, something bad will come of this. He will claim that there was fraud (with not a twinge of irony). His goons will do something.

  1. A shrinking, aging, minority of White voters dominate the GOP, and are turning a ‘blind eye’ to the Fascist’ techniques used by Trump and his acolytes in hopes they can turn the Country majority White again…. Those days are finished, and every time there is a public protest against Trump and his racist, xenophobic agenda, they can hear the footsteps of obscurity just a little louder…. Just like Fascism had its last days in Germany, the GOP must surely know there are fewer days ahead of it, than behind it…..

  2. No argument with the premise of this article. Herr Trumpf is truly scary and will lead this nation down the toilet if elected.

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