New York Attorney General Tish James Lets Trump Know She’s Closing In On Him

Thanks to his Republican enablers in Congress and the sycophants serving in his administration at various powerful posts (i.e. Attorney General William Barr at the Justice Department), Donald Trump is convinced that he can get away with anything.

But while that applies to his crimes in office and any federal charges, Trump doesn’t have that kind of license or protection in any of the states. And that’s especially true when it comes to his home state, New York.

And yet, the president seems to think that he can intimidate New York, too.

As Politico reports, Trump recently suggested that he would change his mind about a petty, vindictive decision he made if his home state would end their investigations of him:

“Hours before Gov. Andrew Cuomo was set to meet the president at the White House, Trump tweeted that Cuomo ‘must understand that National Security far exceeds politics,’ a reference to his administration’s recent decision to halt New York’s access to the Global Entry and other trusted traveler programs that allow New Yorkers faster border crossings and shorter airport lines.”

Sounds like a quid pro quo, doesn’t it? If New York stops investigating, he’ll allow them back into Global Entry so New Yorkers can travel with fewer lines or restrictions.

While we don’t know exactly what Governor Cuomo told Trump when they met, the attorney general of the state, Tish James, made it clear with a tweet of her own that she cannot be bribed, intimidated, or threatened, responding to the president with this:

That sure sounds like she’s got the goods on Trump, doesn’t it? And it’s also a not-so-subtle reminder that James is the one who decides who gets investigated and who doesn’t, not Governor Cuomo.

When she was running to be attorney general, Tish James made it loud and clear that she wasn’t about to be cowed by Donald Trump or anyone else, commenting:

“I will never be afraid to challenge this illegitimate President.”

Attorney General James is Donald Trump’s worst nightmare: A strong woman who isn’t going to take any shit from him and has the power to indict, try, and imprison him.

6 thoughts on “New York Attorney General Tish James Lets Trump Know She’s Closing In On Him

  1. I’m so pleased to know that the states have a different set of rules and laws. Of which trump has broken many, and will break again and again. I know that you will seek the law out and prosecute accordingly.

  2. Please continue your pursuit of law an order in the state of New York, do not yield or hold back anything when it comes to trying to get Justice against people doing wrong Deeds. Especially even if it’s the president of the United States, and I truly hate using that title, particularly with this President and his administration are concerned. Once again thank you truly for your efforts to seek Justice at the highest level.

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