New York Attorney General Tish James Makes It Clear Her Office Is Coming For Donald Trump

New York Attorney General Tish James said recently that her office is indeed on the verge of going after President Donald Trump, his company, and his family, telling MSNBC host Ali Velshi:

“In New York, as you know, we have an investigation against the Trump Organization related to financial impropriety and that investigation is ongoing. We will continue that investigation and at this point in time there’s nothing more that I can say other than the fact this they have used every legal attempt to block and deny us information and to witnesses. We filed requests to compel and we were successful. We had the opportunity to question Eric Trump and we are continuing to review all of the documents they have submitted and other witnesses as well — we look forward to questioning them also.”

Velshi then noted that James and New York investigators cannot be hindered by the Department of Justice:

“To be clear, without telling me any details about the investigation, you are not subject to any other types of rules? There is no immunity that someone can present the president with that limits your ability to pursue these investigations and put whatever charges forward you see fit. As the attorney general of New York, you’re not governed by the Department of Justice or any federal rules?”

James responded that the Trumps have already tried to avoid cooperating with her office and repeatedly gotten court orders compelling the president’s family to cooperate or face contempt of court charges:

“In response to our motion to compel, they raised a number of defenses, including certain immunities but they were all denied by the federal court judge and our motion to compel was successful and, again, we have the opportunity to interview and ask questions to Eric Trump and we were able to secure certain documents that we are reviewing. The reality is is that, as the attorney general, I am guided by the law and the facts and political affiliation and political views are left at the door.”

Oh, and AG James hinted that a big part of the case she’s building against the president, the Trump Organization, and the three eldest Trump children came about thanks to information provided by the president’s former attorney and fixer, Michael Cohen. That alone should terrify the Trumps because Cohen reportedly knows all sorts of dirt about the Trump family and their crimes.

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