NRA Shill Dana Loesch: MLK Jr. Would Be Alive Today If He’d Owned A Gun (VIDEO)

Just when you think the NRA and those who gladly sell their souls to represent the gun lobby cannot possibly stoop any lower in their craven desire to be complete and total whores for those who manufacture weapons of mass murder, along comes Dana Loesch.

A day after the country reflected on the 50th anniversary of the death of civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Loesch went on the air at NRA-TV and declared that if Dr. King had been carrying a concealed weapon, he might be alive today.

Referring to an article by New Yorker writer Rich Benjamin, the perpetually angry Loesch told viewers:

“Despite his attempt to make King’s death a failure of gun control policies at the time, he finds no room to mention that King himself had sought to own a weapon, for his own self-defense, and he was denied.”

What Loesch neglected to mention is that King was probably denied because he was a black man, and back in the Sixties, most African-Americans had no rights of any kind at all.

While we’re honoring Dr. King, Loesch went on to add, we need to realize that gun owners are now the victims of discrimination:

“I really think a lot of people are forgetting in our current era, with all of the discussion and all of the politics, is that spirit of nonviolence. Have you noticed that people can’t even have a conversation anymore without launching into ad hominem? People can’t even have a conversation without hoping that something horrible will happen to your family or you.”

As usual, the solution for the NRA, Loesch, and those who want to carry their guns openly anywhere they damn well please is to have more guns in order to help stem the growing tide of gun violence in this country. Because more guns have gotta mean more safety, right?

Just in case you aren’t yet offended by Loesch’s remarks, she also tried to claim Dr. King’s mantle and pretend that gun owners are the true heirs to the King legacy:

“Everyone wants to be right so bad that no one wants to understand why they’re wrong, and why it’s better for them maybe, perhaps, to have a public engagement of ideas instead of screaming at everyone that you’re terrorists or murderers. That’s one of the things — as a kid — that I took away from what Dr. King did in the nonviolent movement.”

Here’s the patently ridiculous equation being put forth by Ms. Loesch and the NRA:

More guns = Nonviolence.

If that was actually the case, this country would be a freaking utopian paradise by now.

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