Pence, Pompeo, Barr, And Mulvaney Are All Facing Impeachment

Now that the dam has broken and former Trump administration staffers are agreeing to testify before the House impeachment committee, it has become clear that more than just President Donald Trump is at significant risk when it comes to the Ukraine scandal.

As Joan Walsh writes in The Nation:

“If (I can’t honestly say ‘when’) Trump’s poll numbers sink so far underwater that congressional Republicans abandon him and get behind impeachment, Trump will be swiftly swept away. Mainstream media will lionize the defectors and paper over the rot at the center of the party. Then it will be on the rest of us to remind them that this is Trump’s GOP. As Pompeo once said about Trump, ‘It’s time to turn down the lights on the circus.'”

That circus includes a lot more than just Trump. It’s also an existential threat to Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Attorney General William Barr, and Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney. And that’s what a former GOP member of Congress, David Jolly of Florida, thinks, too.

During an appearance on MSNBC recently, Jolly remarked:

“This has been methodical and is building up, I think, to subpoenaing Mike Pompeo, possibly the Vice President of the United States, Mick Mulvaney, and Bill Barr, because this touches them.

“And so all questions center on who knew what, when. Who was in the room when these conversations took place?”

But that wasn’t all that Jolly predicted. He also said he could easily see articles of impeachment being drawn up against the four men he had just called by name:

“Rudy Giuliani is technically a civilian, he will likely be culpable for criminal charges for violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

“But in terms of impeachable behavior, that is conduct that applies not just to the president but other high-ranking officers and I think all questions lead to what did Pompeo, Mulvaney, Barr, and Pence know? We know what the president knows because he confessed to it within the first 72 hours of this story breaking three weeks ago.”

Pence, Pompeo, Barr, and Mulvaney are all part of the larger Ukraine conspiracy. And the fact that they didn’t resign and blow the whistle themselves on what they had witnessed means they too have engaged in high crimes and misdemeanors.

To borrow (and slightly tweak) a favorite right-wing catchphrase that was overused in the 2016 campaign but most definitely applies in this case, LOCK THEM ALL UP!

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