Potential Voter Tells Ted Cruz She’s Gay–Wait Until You See His Reaction!

Ted Cruz is not known for being the most open-minded fellow in the world. He tends to have some incredibly objectionable opinions on lots of matters, and is never shy about publicly expressing them. No doubt to the hardcore conservative wing of the GOP, what Cruz says is very popular. But it leaves the rest of us wondering, WTF is up with that?!

Take, for example, the issue of LGBT rights and same-sex marriage. Here’s the always shrill Senator Cruz speaking on the Supreme Court ruling in 2015 that finally gave all Americans marriage equality:

Cruz has also found time to play political footsie with Pastor Kevin Swanson, host of the National Religious Liberties conference. Swanson has called homosexuality evil and said that homosexuals are deserving of death, yet Teddy Boy was proud to show up and share a stage with the fire-breathing minister in November of 2015.

So clearly, Cruz is not a friend of those who don’t adhere to his view of what is right and wrong.

Now I want you to imagine a potential voter going up to Cruz at a campaign rally and asking if she can take a picture with him. Cruz, sensing another satisfied supporter, is only to happy to put on his best lizard-lipped smile and oblige. But here’s the catch: A fraction of a second before the photo is snapped, the woman requesting the photo-op turns to Cruz and proudly says:

“I am gay.”

Click and post to social media, like this:


Check out Cruz’s face! It looks like someone just told him the “roast beef” served for dinner was actually skunk rectum. He is not a happy little Texas camper at that moment. And Twitter is now having a field day with Brother Cruz’s obvious discomfort:

Ted may have won Iowa, but he is not a winner in this photo. Hey, Teddy Boy, now we want to tell you what the mashed potatoes were made from!

This article was originally published by the same author at BipartisanReport.com.

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