Racist A*shat Defaces Sanders Supporter’s Car, Then Brags On Social Media

Andy Hallinan is a gun store owner in Inverness, Florida. He is also a racist, Islamophobic piece of human excrement whodeclared his gun shop to be a “Muslim-free zone,” no doubt as a pathetic attempt to draw attention to himself since he’s such a sorry excuse of a human being who probably has a total of two friends in the entire world.

Hallinan is back in the news, this time because he saw a car with bumper stickers supporting Bernie Sanders on it, and decided he would cross the line from massive asshat to vandal. Hallinan posted stickers over the ones in support of Sanders that read, “MFZ” MFZ stands for Muslim-Free Zone. And then Hallinan, in all of his shameless ignorance, posted this photo online:


Again, Hallinan is attempting to get some free publicity as a way of making a buck. He’s the worst kind of dillhole: The kind that says he has a free speech right as a way to put some cash in his pocket. How much you want to bet this jerkweed is supporting Donald Trump?

The car’s owner rightly took offense at what Hallinan had done and posted this on Facebook:

“I was at a Barnes and Noble today in Millbury Ma. I was drinking coffee and using my computer and posting and reading lots and lots of things about Bernie Sanders like I have been doing for some time now. Anyhow I come out to my car to find 2 stickers over my Bernie Sanders stickers. As soon as I got to an internet connection again I went to look up what the fuck the stickers where for and then I found a pic of my car on their website… Not only did they vandalize my car in my opinion they were trying to use my car to promote hate. And posted to their own FB page The sticker says Warning This car is a MFZ which means a Muslim Free Zone…”

She also decided to confront Hallinan on his Facebook page, which led to some of Hallinan’s acolytes going on the attack against his woman who has done nothing wrong other than park her car at a store:



So here’s my message to Andy Hallinan: You are the lowest form of life currently crawling on the face of this earth. You have to try and make your brainless point by defacing another person’s property. How would you like it if someone had spray painted swastikas all over your business? How would you take it if someone pasted bumper stickers on your vehicle? Let me guess, you’d be so mad you’d want to take revenge. Well, don’t forget that karma can be a real son of a bitch, Andy.

This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica.org.

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