Right-Wing Moron Compares Hillary To Neo-Nazis And Gets Schooled By Joy Reid

It’s been a very bad week for those who support President Trump. First there was his disastrous post-Charlottesville press conference where he asserted some of the neo-Nazi marchers in Virginia were “good people.” Then, at the end of the week, Trump fired chief political strategist Steve Bannon, a darling of the alt-right wing of the GOP.

One Trumpkin decided he’d try and deflect attention away from the White House by attacking Hillary Clinton, much like Trump himself is fond of doing when things aren’t going well for him. So the idiotic Trump supporter sent a tweet to MSNBC host Joy Reid:

Problem is, “J.E.B. Stuart,” (which just so happens to have been the name of a brutal Confederate General), only got his version of American history partially correct, as Reid pointed out:

Let’s get the facts on the table: Robert Byrd was indeed a KKK member as a young man. He later said he regretted that and spend the rest of his life working for equality, as Reid informed the ignorant tweeter:

Reid also reminded “Stuart” of the checkered past of the Trump family, including the Donald’s father, Fred:

While she was at it, Reid also addressed the issue of Hillary Clinton:

So the next time you see a conservative trying to tar and feather Hillary for her association with Robert Byrd, take a page from Joy Reid’s book and use facts to counteract their lies.

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