Robert Mueller Is About To Blow The Lid Off Trump’s Criminal Enterprise (DETAILS/VIDEO)

While everyone was busy watching former Trump campaign adviser Sam Nunberg melt down on multiple cable news programs Monday afternoon, Special Counsel Robert Mueller continued to make steady progress in his ongoing investigation of a conspiracy between Donald Trump and Russia in the 2016 election.

Nunberg, who appeared to be heavily medicated and/or drunk during his Monday appearances on CNN and MSNBC, did say a couple of intriguing things that are worth a second look:

  • Asked by MSNBC host Katy Tur if the Mueller team had something on Trump, Nunberg replied, “I think they may. I think that he may have done something during the election, but I don’t know that for sure.”
  • On CNN, Nunberg commented, “The way they asked about his (Trump’s) business dealings, the way they asked if you had heard anything even while I was fired, it just made me think that they suspected something about him.”

But it was another thing Nunberg blurted out that should concern the White House most of all. He was asked by CNN host Jake Tapper about that infamous Trump Tower meeting on June 9, 2016, when Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner met with a Russian attorney who promised to bring “dirt” on Hillary Clinton:

TAPPER: President Trump says he knew nothing about the meeting. Do you think that’s true?


TAPPER: You don’t think that’s true.

NUNBERG: No. It doesn’t—and Jake, I’ve watched your news reports. You know it’s not true. He talked about it the week before.

So Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting after all, despite repeated denials to the contrary.

Also, it’s important to note that Nunberg referred to the fact that investigators with the Mueller probe “asked about his business dealings.” It has long been suspected that Trump has ties to questionable people, groups, and entities around the world, including the American and Russian mafia.

Where does this information lead us? It suggests that Mueller is conducting a multi-pronged investigation that focuses on Trump’s business dealings and his coordination with Russia during the 2016 race. Either of those would be devastating to a sitting head of state, but for both to be proven by Mueller’s team would be the end of the Trump administration once and for all.

Donald Trump’s days in office are numbered. He’ll be lucky to survive being booted from the Oval Office in 2018.

Here’s Nunberg spilling the beans on CNN Monday afternoon:


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