Robert Mueller May Have An Eyewitness Who Can Prove Trump Conspired With Russia

Ever since the Russia investigation began, there’s been endless speculation about who might have first-hand knowledge of possible collusion between members of the Trump 2016 campaign and Russia. Former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was thought to be the most likely suspect who might turn on Trump and provide the evidence Special Counsel Robert Mueller needs to make his case.

Would Donald Trump Jr. or Jared Kushner agree to tell what they know? That seems unlikely, and given that Trump can immediately pardon them for any charges they may face if they don’t cooperate, Mueller has almost no leverage he can use against them.

But now there’s a new — and very angry — witness who has already spoken with Mueller and is ready to turn over all the recordings she has of conversations that took place during her tenure at the White House.

Omarosa Manigault Newman has taken center stage as the most likely person who would be only too happy to talk to Mueller’s team of investigators, saying she’s already been interviewed by them and will turn over her recordings to the special counsel’s office. She told MSNBC host Chris Matthews recently:

“If his office calls again, anything they want, I’ll share.”

Manigault Newman was a part of the 2016 campaign and is said to have once been one of Trump’s most trusted advisers on any number of issues. Imagine if she also has recordings of the president or others discussing anything related to Russia and a conspiracy to get him elected in exchange for lifting sanctions.

Trump is said to be devastated by what he considers to be Omarosa’s “betrayal” when it comes to writing a book and airing his secrets. But his embarrassment over possible recordings of him using racial slurs is nothing compared to the legal jeopardy he faces if Manigault Newman also has conversations that prove the election conspiracy.

Ironic, isn’t it, that a man who loves to run his mouth may wind up being destroyed by his own treasonous utterings.

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