Robert Mueller’s Next Legal Move Spells Lights Out For Donald Trump

Over the past month or so, Donald Trump has been freaking out more than usual when it comes to the investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Part of that has to do with the fact that Trump can sense that Mueller has the goods on him, and also because he knows he’s guilty.

In early June, Trump fired off these two tweets which speak volumes about the fragile mental state of the current president:

Let’s take those tweets one at a time.

As for the first one, the Department of Justice had this to say in 1974 regarding a self-pardon, something then-President Nixon was said to be contemplating:

“Under the fundamental rule that no one may be a judge in his own case, the president cannot pardon himself.”

Not long afterwards, Nixon resigned in disgrace.

If Trump decides he’d like to try and pardon himself, the Supreme Court would have to hear the case, but it seems highly unlikely they would agree with the president.

Jeffrey Cramer, a former federal prosecutor who spent 12 years at the Justice Department, had this to say about such a legal showdown:

“The Supreme Court will most likely rule against Trump in that case. What’s the alternative? The Supreme Court actually saying the president is above the law?

“A congressman isn’t above the law. A Supreme Court justice isn’t above the law. The executive branch is an equal branch of government. It enforces the law, but that doesn’t mean the president is the law. This is a legal question that cuts through everything and goes to the heart of the nation.”

Now, when it comes to Trump asserting that the Mueller probe is unconstitutional, that’s just downright laughable. Matter of fact, Trump will find out just how stupid and pointless that line of argument is when the special counsel subpoenas him for his testimony.

Can a president be subpoenaed? Nixon was, and so was Clinton. Trump will be, too, and even if he tries to fight the subpoena in court, he will eventually lose, as Ruth Marcus writes in the Washington Post:

“Tough prosecutors don’t make it a habit to back down in the face of recalcitrant witnesses; Mueller is nothing if not a tough prosecutor, unlikely to simply say ‘never mind’ after months of seeking Trump’s testimony. And as much as Mueller has an interest in both pursuing and concluding the Russia probe, he also has an obligation to history and to be mindful of the precedents that are being set.

“Backing down in the face of presidential recalcitrance would not only reward Trump but also tell future presidents that they can evade the ordinary demands of the law as long as they have the stomach to bully and delay.”

To make a long story short, here’s what Robert Mueller has planned next for Donald Trump:

  • He will subpoena Trump
  • He will indict Trump
  • He will issue a scathing report that will lead to Trump’s impeachment

The die is cast. Trump is playing out the string. But, like Nixon, he’s also headed for a disgraceful exit from office.

2 thoughts on “Robert Mueller’s Next Legal Move Spells Lights Out For Donald Trump

  1. Sad as hell fact trump will not suffer homeless, & starvation because he’s a billionaire does not mean he’s going to heaven. Sad as hell fact trump will exist suffering inside hell is realistic knowing satan has no friends. None at all.

  2. It’s about time this lying,crooked, unfit, treasonous potus is removed from office before he sells the USA out to his master Putin!!!!!

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