Role Reversal: Women Tell GOP Candidates What To Do With Their Bodies (Video)

Seems that Republican men–especially those who seek or achieve political office–are forever wanting to tell women what they should do with their bodies and reproductive choices. A look at this year’s crop of contenders for the White House on the GOP side is proof positive of this phenomenon.So what would happen if the roles were reversed and women were in a position to tell men what should be done with their bodies? That’s what the website Mashable decided to find out, and the results are both illuminating and hilarious.One woman urges the GOP candidates to lay off the “manscaping,” and then says that applies to Carly Fiorina, too. Another women minces no words and comments:

“Guys, Republicans, picture this: Once a month, lots of blood just comes out of you d**k hole and if you want to prevent it, you just shove a tampon in your d**k hole. Now picture my trying to regulate your d**k hole.”

There are even tips for individual candidates, such as Donald Trump:

“Take as many selfies as possible. You’ve got the duck lips that teen girls dream of.”

Even Jeb Bush gets a helping hand from the ladies:

“You basically want women to wear a chastity belt. We just want you to use your actual belt and wear your pants below your nipple line.”

This is all long overdue if you ask me. Men need to hear what women have to say on this topic. Who am I to tell anyone what they can or cannot do with their body, especially since I cannot give birth to a child? If men had to endure what women do over their lives, I truly believe there would be no more laws on what could or could not be done when it comes to matters of privacy and personal choice.

Here’s the video, and be warned THIS IS NSFW due to the language:

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