Rudy Giuliani Throws His Son Under The Bus To Save His Own A*s

Rudy Giuliani, who loves to brag to people that he’s President Donald Trump’s “personal attorney,” is a man without shame. He’s also devoid of a conscience and perfect willing to stab anyone in the back in order to save his own ass.

Giuliani is also a heavy drinker, and as he proved in a rambling interview with Olivia Nuzzi of New York Magazine, the stress of what he’s been doing for Trump in recent months has taken its toll on the 75-year-old former New York City mayor.

For starters, from almost the minute he sat down and began talking to Nuzzi, Rudy was ordering Bloody Marys and holding forth on how he’d be the perfect person to defend Trump when impeachment moves to the Senate for a trial:

“Oh, I would love it, I could rip — you know, I hate to sound like a ridiculously boastful lawyer, but cross-examining them would be, I don’t know, I could’ve done it when I was a second-year assistant U.S. Attorney. They’re a bunch of clowns.”

Thus sayeth the drunken clown: Everyone else is a clown!

When he was asked about his specific role in the Ukraine scandal, such as why military aide was withheld for so long, Giuliani swore his own hands were clean and actually implicated his own son, Andrew, who works as a White House staffer, making it sound like Andrew was the one who called the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and told them to freeze $391 million in aid that had been allocated by Congress in a bipartisan fashion. Here’s what Rudy said:

“’I don’t think I talked to OMB at all,’ Giuliani told me. ‘Of course, it’s not clear. I don’t even remember. It might have been my son.’ His son, Andrew Giuliani, is the president’s public-liaison assistant. He suggested that perhaps he was calling to discuss with Andrew the White House baseball team, which Andrew was coaching and Giuliani claimed to be very invested in. ‘I don’t remember who I called. I talk to the president, mostly.'”

Why doesn’t Rudy remember? Because he allegedly drinks too much. His ex-wife even claims he’s an alcoholic, and based on his lack of recall, that certainly seems plausible.

Rudy Giuliani is NOT going to be Donald Trump’s defense attorney. He may, however, wind up testifying at the Senate trial. And that could be very bad news for Trump, because if a man will sacrifice his own son to save his hide, there’s a better than even chance he’ll screw his only client, too.

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