RWNJ Pastor Proclaims Cops Are ‘Ministers Of God Sent To Punish Evildoers’ (VIDEO)

In case you were wondering what role the police play in the lives of people in this country, it turns out they’re actually ministers sent by God to punish all the bad guys. So by that logic I guess the cops who shoot innocent people are working for Satan.

Robert Jeffress, the pastor at First Baptist Church of Dallas, was on the always brainless Fox News show “Fox and Friends” today, and he said churches should teach members of their flock “to instill in their a members a respect for the police.”

Jeffress went on to add:

“The New Testament says in Romans 13:4 that law enforcement officers are ministers of God sent by God to punish evil doers. When you think about it, police officers are just as called by God to do what they do as pastors and priests are called by God. And I think we need to remind our members of that.”

It’s one hell of a giant stretch to try and pretend that the Bible verse Jeffress refers to actually appoints the police to be ministers of God. And God is perfectly capable of punishing evildoers without any help, isn’t he? Afterall, he’s God.

This so-called minister then had this to say of any minister who might agree with the Black Lives Matter movement:

“Those kinds of bogus ministers need to be exposed, and need to be called out for what they’re doing.”

Tucker Carlson, one of the moronic hosts of the show, noted that Black Lives Matter receives a great deal of support from members of the clergy. To that, Jeffress decided to blame–wait for it!–President Obama:

“I’m afraid the president, just like he did with conservative Christians after the beheading by ISIS of Christians, it seemed like he wanted to blame conservative Christians in the past, instead of putting the blame where it belongs.”

Jeffress ended his “sermon” with this:

“And you know, I have to say if we would teach our children to respect law enforcement officers, they wouldn’t have anything to worry about. The Bible says law enforcement officers are nothing to be feared if you do what is right.”

Yeah, try telling that lie to the families of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, Pastor Knownothing.

If you can stand to watch it, here’s the segment from Fox News:

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