Sarah Palin Loses Her Sh*t When ‘Today’ Hosts Ask Her About Her Son’s Arrest (Video)

Earlier this morning, the resident dingbat of the Republican Party, former half-term Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, made an appearance on the “Today” show so she could get some last-minute shilling in for her new BFF, Donald Trump.

And it turned out to be less of an interview than a commercial for why some people should never ever appear on television.

Palin was first asked about whether or not she thought Trump was sincere in his religious beliefs. To which she replied:

“Who are we to judge one another’s level of faith — our Christian quotient, if you will. Hopefully people are looking for he who has that record of success that proves he will be able to get the job done for us, finally.”

Next, Savannah Guthrie dared to ask about Palin’s son, Track, being arrested for abusing his girlfriend. Palin, you may recall, attempted to blame that incident on Track having PTSD and that being the fault of–you guessed it–President Obama, but Palin took umbrage at the suggestion from Guthrie, so she responded:

“I never said that.

“You guys brought me to talk about Iowa politics and the caucus tonight, not to talk about my kids — and that was a promise. But as things go in the world of media, you guys don’t always keep your promises, evidently.”

The always loose cannon Palin then added this bit of spiteful invective:

“I never blamed President Obama. What I have blamed President Obama in doing, though, is this level of disrespect for the United States military that is made manifest in gutting budgets and not trying to beef it up and let our military do the job that they are trained to do. And in specific issues that we’re talking about that are so hot today — specifically, let’s get there and let’s utterly destroy ISIS as we know our United States military can do, yet we have a commander-in-chief who seems to kind of want to kowtow and allow the enemy to be poking at us — and that’s unacceptable to most Americans, certainly to me.”

So your son beat his girlfriend and threatened her with a semiautomatic rifle because ISIS made him do it? I cannot follow that line of flawed logic. Can you? Can anyone?

Matt Lauer then told Palin that no promises had been made to her in return for her agreeing to the interview. And that only made Palin angrier. She must have been under the mistaken illusion that reporters are not supposed to ask questions, just let her prattle on endlessly. She ended the segment by saying:

I was told that this interview was about the caucus (Monday) in Iowa, and right on, who will it be to put America back on the right track and restore constitutional government that we are lacking today and that we so need, and I said, right on, let me go talk about that.

Just go, Sarah. Please go and don’t return. Don’t you have a moose to shoot or something else to occupy your time?

Here’s the “Today” interview, and it proves that Palin gets more unhinged with each passing day:

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