Sarah Palin: We Should All Be ‘Condoning Racism’

Earlier today, Sarah Palin made a post on her Facebook page in which she called for “condoning racism.”

Granted, we all knew this was the official policy of the Republican Party, but rarely can you get a member of the GOP to come right out and admit it like this.

Palin made the post in response to some postings on Twitter rapper Azealia Banks in which she called for Palin to be raped by a group of black men:




Harsh? Most certainly. Over the line? Maybe so. But here’s what Palin posted in response:


Later in the day, Palin took down the posting and replaced the word “condoning” with “condemning,” but it does make you wonder: Is this woman so devoid of the ability to proofread her own words that she makes this kind of mistake? And where is the apology for the mistake she made?

Yesterday Palin posted a photo of herself with a dead wild boar and used it as a way to encourage Wisconsin residents to vote for Donald Trump in today’s primary. It has been said before, but it bears repeating: This woman is too stupid to breathe on her own volition. Why would we do anything other than laugh at her?

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