Scott Walker’s 2016 Run For White House Is ‘Effectively Done,’ Polling Shows

You may recall that only a couple of months ago Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was considered to be one of the frontrunners for the 2016 GOP nomination. But polling data released over the weekend shows Walker with less than half a percentage point of support, meaning that his days as a candidate are numbered.

Walker has fallen so far so fast that those being polled picked the option “no one” more often than they did Walker when asked to name a preference for a candidate. Ouch!

Even conservative commentators such as CNN’s S.E. Cupp have given up on the union-busting Walker. Cupp called him “aggressively boring” and added:

“He does not exist in this kind of climate. He can not break through.”

Blaming the “inclement weather,” Walker backed out of an appearance at a Republican conference on Mackinac Island, Michigan, Saturday. Walker also cancelled a scheduled appearance over the weekend at the California Republican Party convention. Clearly, he knows that he has absolutely no momentum and realizes he cannot hope to build any this late in the game.

Even worse for Walker was a statement over the weekend by Stanley Hubbard, a Minnesota-based billionaire and one of the governor’s biggest funders. Hubbard remarked:

 “I think I might help some other candidates too.”

Despite the early enthusiasm over Walker’s entry into the Republican field, not everyone bought into the hype over the Wisconsin Governor. In July, I wrote a piece saying that Walker had no chance of being the GOP nominee and listed some of the reasons why. Not that I’m seeking a pat on the back, but looking back now, I have to wonder why anyone thought this douche of a human being had any shot of being more than a speed bump along the road to 2016.

Adios, Scott Walker. No one will miss you in the least.

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