Senator Warns: If Nunes Memo Is Released, I Will Share ‘Sensitive’ Info About Trump

Donald Trump and his co-conspirators in the Republican party are preparing to release a memo crafted in secret by GOP members of the House Intelligence Committee even though it contains classified information and may be filled with lies. Why? So that Trump can fire a shot against the ongoing investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Welcome to the final days of the Trump administration.

While the White House and its eager lapdogs in Congress think they can derail the Mueller probe with this half-baked scheme, all they’re really doing is speeding up the end of Trump.

What Trump and his GOP allies weren’t expecting is something that Oregon Senator Ron Wyden (D) tweeted out Wednesday afternoon. Call it a veiled threat, with the veil halfway off:

Keep in mind that Senator Wyden sits on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. He’s probably seen all kinds of fascinating documents which detail exactly how deeply Trump is enmeshed in Russia from the financial, political, and personal perspectives.

Imagine if suddenly there’s a flood of classified information that points to the fact that both Trump and many of the Congressional Republicans have extensive ties to Russian companies, oligarchs, and government agencies. How will they manage to dismiss that? There could even be recordings of these same people talking about how they planned to sabotage the 2016 election. There could be emails and text messages.

If indeed the Nunes memo is declassified and shared with the public, it will be a Pyrrhic victory for the GOP. The consequences for the White House and Congressional Republicans will be beyond what they can possibly conceive of. And it will also prove they don’t trust federal law enforcement or the intelligence agencies they rely on. And that means those same agencies will no longer be willing to share information the administration and Congress need to make important decisions about national security.

Devin Nunes and Donald Trump are cut from the same cloth. Both are traitors. And the minute the memo is released, they will have set their names next to Benedict Arnold in the shameful history of those who betrayed this country.

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