Snowflake Huckabee Whines About Being Removed From Country Music Board (VIDEO)

Poor Mike Huckabee. He’s upset because even though his favorite bigoted asshat, Donald Trump, is in the White House, it’s still not totally cool to be a hate-filled piece of crap unless you’re willing to accept the consequences.

Just last week, Huckabee was removed from the board of the Country Music Association Foundation due to his offensive remarks about LGBT Americans. So naturally, he decided to go on Fox & Friends Monday morning and be a crybaby, complaining:

“The new direction of the left is ‘in the name of tolerance be intolerant. In the name of love, hate people. In the name of diversity, demand conformity.’”

You’d think that if Huckabee is so enraged by the left, he’d be only too happy to not serve on any board that doesn’t share his beliefs. Instead, he seemed to suggest that he had some kind of right to be allowed on the CMA board:

“It’s not enough to say I disagree and wish this person would change his mind. Today it’s let’s put him out of business, let’s close his store. Let’s not allow him to continue to operate a business, let’s damage him professionally, let’s hurt his brand. I mean, it’s all about destroying the other side, rather than disagreeing with the other side. That’s not the kind of America where the First Amendment reigns and people are free to speak, to associate. Today it’s let’s destroy everyone who doesn’t agree with me.”

In essence, what Mike’s longing for is this: When you could still be a racist, sexist, homophobic shitbag and there were no repercussions for it. You know, the way it was in the 1950s when WASPs ruled the world and there was no such thing as homosexuality or being transgender.

Spare us the outrage, Mike! The biggest outrage of all is that jackasses like you are still given airtime on any network.

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