Stormy Daniels’ Attorney Warns That His Client Has Donnie Cold Busted (VIDEO)

On Sunday evening, former adult film star Stormy Daniels — who alleges she had an affair with Donald Trump in 2006, just months after his wife, Melania, gave birth to their son — will appear on 60 Minutes in what may well be one of the most highly anticipated interviews in television history.

Michael Avenatti, who serves as Daniels’ attorney, raised the stakes on Friday, tweeting out this message and image which has set tongues wagging all over the country:

Does Ms. Daniels have photographic proof of her relationship with Trump? Keep in mind that Trump has repeatedly denied he slept with Daniels.

But during an appearance on CNN Friday evening, Avenatti followed up on his tweet, telling host Wolf Blitzer this about his social media posting earlier in the day:

“I want to be really clear about this: It is a warning shot. And it’s a warning shot to Michael Cohen and anyone else associated with President Trump that they better be very, very careful after Sunday night relating to what they say about my client and what spin or lies they attempt to tell the American people.”

That’s one hell of a warning shot! Warning shots are usually fired away from the person you’re trying to keep at bay, but Avenatti made sure and aimed his tweet directly at Trump and Donnie’s legal team.

Avenatti also noted that Trump’s attempts at denial, obfuscation, and intimidation in regard to his client and the alleged affair need to end:

“People better be honest, because they haven’t been honest in the past, relating to this relationship, relating to the bullying tactics, relating to the threats and intimidation. It is time to come clean.”

Of course, that presumes that a man as filthy in mind, body, and spirit as Donald Trump can ever truly come clean.


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