Anti-Abortion Protesters Sued For Harassing Schoolchildren In DC

In Washington, D.C., anti-abortion protesters opposed to Planned Parenthood have been harassing children and staff of an elementary school because the school is near a soon-to-be built Planned Parenthood facility. But now the school is fighting back with a lawsuit. Two Rivers Public Charter School accuses the activists of blocking carpool lanes and even showing children graphic images […]

Newspaper Tries To Defend Cartoon Linking #BlackLivesMatter To Abortion, Planned Parenthood

A Montana newspaper is drawing heavy criticism for an editorial cartoon it published attempting to link the Black Lives Matter movement with Planned Parenthood and abortion. The Great Falls Tribune, in a cartoon drawn by Gary McCoy–who just so happens to be a staunch conservative–depicts Planned Parenthood Federation President Cecile Richards sitting at her desk, […]

Man Behind Planned Parenthood Videos Attempts To Explain Ties To Anti-Choice Extremists

David Daleiden and his group, the Center for Medical Progress, have been in the news a lot in recent weeks due to the release of propaganda-laced, heavily edited videos which purport to show Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of fetal tissue to interested buyers. Tuesday morning, Daleiden was questioned about his group’s ties to violent […]