Walmart Stock Tanks; Walton Family Heirs Lose $41 Billion!

The stock market giveth, and the stock market taketh away. If you doubt that, just consider what happened yesterdaywhen Walmart stock hit a 30-year low. The company’s profits are estimated to decrease by 12 percent in 2015. How drastic has all this been for the Walton family heirs who own the majority of the stock […]

Denver Says ‘No’ To Allowing Chick-Fil-A In Airport Due To Company’s Bigoted History

The Denver City Council has blocked–at least temporarily–the addition of a Chick-Fil-A restaurant at Denver International Airport because of the company’s well-known stance on the issue of same-sex marriage and LGBT equality. Councilman Paul Lopez called opposition to the chain being allowed to operate at the airport: “Truly a moral issue.” Robin Kniech, the council’s […]