25th Amendment? Don Jr. Tells His Siblings The Old Man Is ‘Acting Crazy’

The bizarre joyride Donald Trump took on Sunday in which he endangered the lives of his Secret Service detail didn’t set well with many, including his own son, Donald Trump Jr., according to Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair, who reports that Junior thinks it may be time for an “intervention”: “Sources said Donald Trump Jr. […]

Clueless Trump Claims Protesters In Some Cities Are Tossing ‘Bags Of Soup’ At Cops

It’s no exaggeration to say that President Donald Trump often makes absurd and ridiculous assertions and statements. But something he said when he met with leaders from the National Association of Police Organizations in late July may well take the proverbial cake when it comes to truly head-shaking remarks from the mouth of the current […]

Sean Hannity Confides To Fox News Staffers That He Believes Trump Is ‘Batsh*t Crazy’: Report

Ever since he announced he would be running for president, Fox News has been an eager cheerleader for Donald Trump, devoting hours of fawning coverage to the former real estate mogul and serving as his favorite network for spreading his hatred, lies, and conspiracy theories. Lately, however, the bloom is off Fox as far as […]

George Conway Drops A Tantalizing Hint About Trump’s ‘Mental Health’

Admit it: At least once (and very possibly more than once) you’ve wondered exactly what in the hell is wrong with President Donald Trump. No, not his abhorrent policies and how he seems to delight in attacking anyone he senses is weaker than him. It’s much deeper than that, and it can be seen in […]

Deranged Trump Is Now Claiming He ‘Created’ The Texas Oil Industry

Everything is falling apart for Donald Trump when it comes to his dream of being a two-term president instead of a loser one-term one that would relegate him to the saddest section of the presidential history books. In response to his falling poll numbers and predictions that there will be a “Democratic tsumani” come November, […]

Trump Is Now Holding Meetings So He Can Tell Staffers He’s Mentally And Physically Fit

Donald Trump is losing it, and that’s even becoming clear to White House staffers, who recently had to listen to the president go on and on about how he’s mentally and physically fit to be the head of state, according to The Washington Post: “The early June meeting in the Cabinet Room was intended as […]

Congressional Hearing In July Will Address Trump’s Growing Mental Instability

In July, a congressional hearing will be held to determine whether or not President Donald Trump is mentally fit to be leader of the free world, and the result could well determine whether or not impeachment hearings begin to remove Trump from office. The Hill reports: “House Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmuth (D-KY) said he […]