WATCH: Jane Sanders REFUSES To Let Sanders Supporter Disrespect Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

The Democratic race for the 2016 nomination started out incredibly civil and issues-oriented, but in recent weeks things have turned a bit contentious, even downright nasty at times, with the Hillary Clinton camp questioning whether or not challenger Bernie Sanders is really a Democrat (Sanders is a lifelong Independent) and the Sanders campaign even going […]

WATCH: Bernie Sanders Compares The GOP Field To Kids Having A Food Fight

Finally, someone has said it, and God knows it sure needed to be said: The 2016 GOP clown car is not even as mature as kids in a cafeteria having a food fight. Bernie Sanders made that observation last night at a campaign rally, noting: “What we are seeing in the Republican presidential process is […]

President Obama Just Challenged Trump’s Moronic Slogan, And It’s Freaking Awesome!

If there’s one thing that has come through loud and clear so far in the GOP race for the 2016 nomination, it’s the absurd slogan of Donald Trump which he continually repeats and has plastered on cheap, made in China baseball caps he often wears so the wind won’t blow the dead hamster off his […]

Morgan Freeman–‘The Voice Of God’–Narrates New TV Ad For Hillary Clinton (Video)

The Hillary Clinton campaign, desperately seeking the tiniest spark of momentum, has now released a new TV ad which features one of the most notable voices in the world: Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman. The ad, titled “All the Good,” opens with scenes of a church and empty pews. This is followed by images of […]

These Issues From The Democratic Debate Prove Why The Dems Will Win In 2016

Last night’s Democratic debate was described by some as boring, pedantic, and even a flat-out waste of time. I have to disagree. While the debate was focused on foreign policy and issues related to national security, it and the previous debates have clearly highlighted the reasons why the Democratic nominee is virtually guaranteed to win the […]

Here Are 5 Things From Last Night’s Democratic Debate You’d Never Hear From The GOP

If you watched last night’s Democratic debate on CBS, then it quickly became clear just how dramatic the difference is between this year’s Democratic contenders and the clowns seeking the GOP nomination. Here are five things said last night by the Democratic candidates that you can safely bet you will never ever hear issue forth […]