Young Trump Supporter Kicked Out Of Campaign Rally–Reason? For ‘Having Dark Skin’

An 18-year-old Indian-American man who showed up for a Donald Trump campaign rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, was ejected shortly after he arrived because security personnel for the Republican candidate told him he was a known protester and could not stay at the private event. Jake Anantha is registered as a Republican and cast a […]

Racist Florida Moron To Black Neighbors: ‘You Should Have Stayed In Africa’ (VIDEO)

Video has surfaced of a Florida woman shouting incredibly racist things at her African-American neighbors and telling them they “should have stayed in Africa.” The woman, who appears to be quite intoxicated, is making fun of the bodies of her black neighbors when a man tells her, “Black don’t crack, baby.” To that, the vile […]

Trump Supporter Gets SHREDDED On Social Media For Anti-Hispanic Comment (VIDEO)

Scottie Nell Hughes, who works as a political commentator on CNN and thinks Donald Trump is the greatest man since Abraham Lincoln, makes my skin crawl. OK, so there’s that. But over the weekend this massively ignorant piece of detritus said something so objectionable that even she is having to try and walk it back. […]

Conservative Host Complains The BET Awards Were ‘Very Black’ This Year (Video)

At Sunday’s BET Awards, actor Jesse Williams gave an incredibly beautiful speech about how we need to end racism in America. If you missed it, Williams said: “This is for the real organizers all over the country. The activists, the civil rights attorneys, the struggling parents, the families, the teachers, the students, that are realizing […]

Indian-American Woman Visited By Cops After Trying To Buy Ammo

Sim Sangha is a 24-year-old firearms instructor from Fremont, California. She recently went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and asked an employee there about purchasing eight boxes of ammunition for her AR-15 rifle. That’s the same kind of gun used by the terrorist attackers in San Bernardino earlier this month. Two days later, police showed up at […]

Islamophobic Much? United Airlines Refuses To Serve Diet Coke To Muslim Scholar

On a United Airlines flight earlier this week, something happened that should never, ever happen: A Muslim scholar wearing a headscarf was denied the right to be served an unopened can of Diet Coke. Yes, you read that right. Tahera Ahmad was denied an unopened can soda because she was told she might use it […]