KKK Leader Says He’s Delighted Heather Heyer Died, Threatens Future Violence

While President Trump continues to provide political cover for racist groups throughout the country, a leader of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is now celebrating the fact that an innocent American was murdered in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend. Justin Moore, who claims to be the Grand Dragon for the Loyal White Knights of Ku Klux […]

WATCH A Trump Defender Self-Destruct When She Suggests Anti-Nazi Protesters Are As Bad As Nazis

As he continues to face fallout for his delayed reaction to the “Unite the Right” march held in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend, some of President Trump’s supporters are now attempting to make a false equivalency between the neo-Nazi marchers and counter-protesters. One of those Trump defenders appeared on CNN Tuesday morning. Brunell Donald-Kyei, the former chair […]

Ex-Skinhead Says He’s Terrified Of What Trump Will Do To America As President (VIDEO)

Christian Picciolini used to be a skinhead, so he’s quite familiar with the rhetoric neo-Nazis use in order to recruit  young members into the extremist fold. And he says that same coded language and imagery is now being used by Donald Trump. In an interview with the Times of Israel, Picciolini recalled how he was […]

FINALLY! Twitter Suspends Accounts Of Alt-Right Hatemongers

Even though it took them forever and a day, Twitter has finally decided to crack down on the racist ramblings of numerous alt-right asshats who have been spewing their venom on the social media platform for years now. One of those booted from Twitter was Richard Spencer, the notorious white nationalist and so-called “father” of […]

Founder Of Alt-Right Declares: Trump Is First Step To Turn USA Into ‘Safe Space’ For Whites

Perhaps you’ve heard of Richard Spencer. He’s head of the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist, and widely considered to be the founder of the alt-right movement in the United States. And he recently gave an interview to Al Letson of Reveal in which he declared the election of Donald Trump is the first step […]

Right-Wing Militia Members With Ties To Trump Arrested For Planning Attack On Muslims

Three members of an extremist right-wing militia group were arrested Friday by the FBI for plotting an act of domestic terrorism against an apartment complex and mosque for Somali refugees in Garden City. Patrick Stein, Gavin Wright, and Curtis Allen were taken into custody by federal agents as part of an eight-month long investigation. The […]

Founder Of Oath Keepers Preparing For War With Liberals And Islamists (Video)

The founder of Oath Keepers, the radical group which is affiliated with antigovernment “patriot” movement, says war is coming soon, and he and his followers are preparing to battle a coalition of liberals, Islamists, and drug cartels. Perhaps he’d be better off fighting against his own massive ignorance and hatred, but that would require introspection, […]

KKK Member Tells The BBC That Auschwitz Was A ‘Summer Camp’ For Jews (Video)

I’ve long maintained that the most objectionable form of ignorance is what is best known as willful ignorance. In other words, the kind of stupidity where a person knows the truth but chooses to pretend it doesn’t exist. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is famous for being willfully ignorant, and now a crew from the BBC […]