Lindsey Graham May Be Facing Criminal Charges For Conspiracy To Commit Election Fraud

While it’s expected that Donald Trump will be handing out presidential pardons left and right in the final days of his administration, it now looks like a sitting U.S. senator may be in need of one of those pardons. According to the Washington Post, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) contacted the Georgia Secretary of State, Brad […]

WTF?! Georgia Accuses Activist Of ‘Terrorism’ For Posting State’s Legal Code Online

The state of Georgia is claiming that an open records activist broke copyright law and committed an act of terrorism simply because he posted the full, annotated versions of the state’s legal code online. WTF?! In a lawsuit filed last week, Georgia officials accused Carl Malamud of Public of engaging  in an 18-year “crusade to control […]

Get Ready: Georgia Has A ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Just Like Indiana’s

Indiana has been getting all of the media coverage in recent days regarding its passage of a “Religious Freedom” bill, which allows businesses to discriminate against anyone — usually members of the LGBT community — they disagree with on religious grounds. A similar bill is still alive in Georgia with just a week remaining in the […]