GOP Senator Says People With Preexisting Conditions Don’t Deserve Insurance (VIDEO)

If you were wondering why the American healthcare system is in need of being wrecked by Trumpcare, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson says all the blame can be squarely laid at the feet of those with preexisting conditions. Appearing on Meet the Press, Johnson was asked by host Chuck Todd why Senate Republicans had held no hearings […]

Kellyanne Conway BUSTED Trashing White House Chief Of Staff Priebus At Embassy Party

Whenever a major story from the New York Times or Washington Post runs with the aid of confidential sources in the Trump administration, President Trump can always be counted on to bash the articles as “fake news” and then proclaim that the “leakers” need to be prosecuted. Does that mean that senior counselor Kellyanne Conway should […]

Trouble In Trumpworld? Ann Coulter Turns On The Donald: ‘This Is The Great Negotiator?’

As if the illegitimate American head of state doesn’t have enough problems with the ongoing investigations into the 2016 election and his firing of the FBI Director, now we have one of his biggest supporters saying she’s just about ready to jump ship if Donald Trump doesn’t start keeping some of his promises. Speaking to […]

GOP Congresswoman Says Hillary Disappoints Her ‘As A Woman’ Because She Refuses To Kiss Trump’s As* (VIDEO)

If you’ve ever seen Tennessee GOP Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn on any television show, then you know she’s only too glad to accept whatever manure her party tells her to distribute to the general public, no matter how ridiculous it might be. She’s shrill, condescending, and about as well-informed as a rock. On CNN early Sunday […]

Conway Declares: Those Who Criticize Me Are ‘Unhappy People With Poison Keyboards’

Why exactly does it seem that everyone in the Trump administration is so easily upset by criticism? Could it be that they’re all just thin-skinned like the alleged president, or might it be because they hate that we’re wise to their lies, their endless spinning, and the flood of BS that flows like the Nile […]

WATCH A GOP Congressman Get Booed Off The Stage At A Town Hall Meeting

These are tough times for Republicans when they return home to face their constituents. There’s a lot of very unhappy people who aren’t afraid of showing up at town hall meetings and letting their elected representative know how they feel. California GOP Congressman Doug LaMalfa found that out Monday evening at a town hall in Oroville. […]

As*hole AG Jeff Sessions Just Asked For ‘God’s Blessings’ To Help Deport People (VIDEO)

Allow me to play Captain Obvious for just a moment: Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is a racist, a sexist, a pinhead, a monumental douche canoe, and the most abysmal human being to ever hold the office he currently holds solely because he was one of the first Republicans to kneel and kiss Donald Trump […]

MSNBC Host: Steve Bannon Is ‘Stupid’ And ‘Cannot Implement Making A Ham Sandwich’ (VIDEO)

Last week, senior White House adviser Steve Bannon was removed from his spot on the National Security Council, and rumors began circulating that Bannon might be on the verge of being fired by the alleged president. Could Bannon be on his way out? Bannon was the topic on Morning Joe Monday, and co-host Joe Scarborough […]

MSNBC Host: Donald Trump Is ‘The Laziest, Most Ignorant President In History’ (VIDEO)

As he so often does when he doesn’t get his way, Donald Trump is acting like a bratty, spoiled child because the House of Representatives won’t do exactly what he wants them to do regarding his deeply flawed repeal and replace legislation for the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. Things got so contentious Thursday evening […]

Palin Criticizes Kaepernick For $50K Donation To Meals On Wheels–BIG Mistake (TWEETS)

Why is it that half-term quitter Sarah Palin feels the need to stick her hypocritical nose into situations which don’t involve her in the least? Is it a desperate attempt to remain relevant? Or is it a cry for help? The latest rhubarb Palin has tried to stir up involves former San Francisco 49ers quarterback […]