Tennessee Legislator Says Rape And Incest Are ‘Not Verifiable’

Take a good look at this photo. This is Tennessee state Representative Sheila Butt, and she is the face of total ignorance in the Volunteer State. On Tuesday, Ms. Butt (more on that name in a bit) decided to offer a motion to table an amendment which would have exempted victims of rape and incest […]

WATCH: Expert Says Mike Pence Is The Most Anti-Woman Candidate In History

While Mike Pence may be Donald Trump’s choice to serve as his running mate, it should not be forgotten that Pence is an incredibly extreme and far right politician who has devoted much of his life trying to impose his own religious beliefs on others–usually women–through legislation. As Jeff Sharlet–an expert on Christian fundamentalism pointed […]

The New York Times Proves That Donald Trump Is A Disgusting Pig And Misogynist

If you listen to Donald Trump when he’s on his best behavior (which is rarely), you’d might momentarily think he’s a supporter of women’s rights and believes women are equal to men. He has even declared on more than one occasion: “I love women.” But when you look closer at what Trump has said and […]

After Indictment Of Fake Planned Parenthood Video Makers, Right Wingers Go Nutso On Social Media

Back in 2015, when the Center for Medical Progress decided to release a series of hidden camera videos they said showed Planned Parenthood officials breaking the law by arranging to sell body parts from aborted fetuses, right wingers claimed it proved that the pro-choice community was aligned with murderers who profited off the death of […]

Clueless Cruz Declares: There Is No ‘War On Women’ Because We Don’t Have A Condom Shortage

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, while on a campaign tour through Iowa yesterday, said that Democrats have created a bogus “war on women,” and want to restrict a women’s access to birth control. The evidence he used to support his allegation? Get ready for this one: “The last I checked, we don’t have a rubber shortage […]

SCOTUS Rejects Anti-Abortion Group’s Case Against Planned Parenthood

The United States Supreme Court on Monday rejected an anti-choice group’s lawsuit which sought to force the federal government to reveal more information about a $1 million grant it made in 2011 to women’s health provider Planned Parenthood of New Hampshire. The justices rejected–by a vote of 7-2–an appeal filed by New Hampshire Right to […]

Democrats Want To Question Head Of Group Behind Planned Parenthood Videos, But GOP Says No

The House Oversight Committee that is investigating Planned Parenthood seems to have no problem calling the head of the women’s healthcare provider before their witch hunt–I mean committee–yet when the Democrats on the committee recently requested David Daleiden of the anti-abortion organization, the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) also appear, they were shot down by the GOP […]

WATCH Nancy Pelosi Put A Right-Wing Reporter In His Place For Pestering Her With Abortion Questions

Yesterday during a press conference, a reporter from CNS News, which calls itself the Christian News Service, thought he would try to give the third degree to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. And he quickly got the slapdown of his life. Sam Dorman of CNS asked Pelosi: “Is an unborn baby with a human heart and […]

Health Officials In Louisiana Claim Dentists Can Provide Same Services As Planned Parenthood

Officials with the Louisiana state department of health recently told a federal judge that dentists, cosmetic surgeons, and nursing home caregivers are qualified to provide the same services currently being delivered by Planned Parenthood in the state. But US District Court Judge John deGravelles was more than a bit skeptical of their claims, remarking: “It […]

Turnabout Is Fair Play–Fox News And The GOP Get A Taste Of Their Own Lies (Video)

Karma is a beautiful thing when it works against those who so proudly pour negativity and lies into the world. In other words, when it comes back and bites the butts of the jacknuts at Fox News and their GOP minions. Over the past couple of months, the so-called “Center for Medical Progress” has been […]