‘Christian’ Radio Host: Florida Shooting Took Place Because Male Students Are ‘Effeminate’

You probably thought the mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, was caused by guns, mental illness, or a combination of the two. But according to a fake Christian radio host by the name of David Daubenmire, the real reason so many young people died is because there weren’t enough “men” among the male […]

Teddy The Hypocrite Cruz Attacks Democrats For ‘Ridiculous’ Anti-Gun Filibuster (Video)

No doubt you still recall that infamous filibuster which Texas Senator Ted Cruz conducted in 2013 as part of a completely failed effort to defund the Affordable Care Act. He even shut down the government and ticked off many of his Republican Senate colleagues, including John McCain, who called Cruz a “wacko bird.” And now […]

NRA Loses Again–Judge Rejects Case Against Seattle’s ‘Gun Violence Tax’

Well, well. Looks like the NRA is getting a big lump of coal under its Christmas tree this year courtesy of a judge in Washington state. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving collection of gun nuts. Tuesday, King County Superior Court Judge Palmer Robinson refused to grant a request by gun rights groups that […]

Florida Professor Taunts Sandy Hook Parents, Accuses Them Of Faking Massacre For Money

Take a good look at the picture you see above this story. This man is James Tracy, and he’s a professor at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). And, it should be noted, he is also what is known as a Sandy Hook truther. You see, this ignorant piece of fecal matter thinks the Sandy Hook massacre, […]

These Are The Five Best Gun Control Laws In The World, And Not A One Of Them Is Found In The U.S.

Anytime there is a mass shooting in this country–Virginia Tech, Newtown, Charleston, Oregon–the discussion begins anew about why this country has so many gun deaths on an annual basis. Part of the problem, it’s easy to surmise, is because it’s so damn easy to get a gun in America. Go to a gun shop. Buy […]

An Armed Vet Explains With Logic And Clarity Why He Didn’t Attack The Oregon Shooter

John Parker is a military veteran and student at Umpqua Community College (UCC). He was on the campus Thursday when Christopher Harper Mercer began his murderous rampage that left ten dead and injured seven more. Parker was also carrying a handgun. But Parker didn’t get involved or try to attack the shooter for a very simple […]