Old Photo Of Trump Introducing Young Eric & Ivanka To Jeffrey Epstein Is Creeping People Out

Donald Trump hangs out with some interesting people, but perhaps none is more notorious than the late Jeffrey Epstein, who was convicted on charges of soliciting prostitution in response to allegations that he had molested dozens of underage girls. Epstein, you’ll recall, died in federal custody last year while awaiting trail for sex trafficking. The cause of death […]

New Lawsuits In The Jeffrey Epstein Case Could Expose Trump To Criminal Charges

Even though he’s been dead for more than a year now, convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein is back in the news yet again this week, with several alleged victims filing suit against Epstein’s estate, which is believed to be worth millions of dollars. One of the new victims who is suing Epstein’s estate alleges that […]

WATCH The Video Testimony Of A Woman Who Says Donald Trump Raped Her When She Was Only 13

Katie Johnson says she’s been through hell and lived to tell about it, and now she wants the world to know what she alleges happened to her in 1994, when she was only 13-years-old. According to court documents filed in 2016 by Johnson and her attorney, she was “repeatedly raped” by Donald Trump and Jeffrey […]

Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly Has Videos Of ‘High Profile’ Politicians Having Sex With Underage Girls

Ghislaine Maxwell, who allegedly served as an unofficial pimp and arranged the recruitment and grooming of underage girls for sex with the late convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, may have what could either be a “get of jail free” card or a ticket to her own untimely death, according to a friend of Maxwell’s who […]

Epstein-Maxwell Grand Jury Still Meeting – More Co-Conspirators Likely To Be Indicted

This has truly been a week from hell for President Donald Trump. Over the past five days: Democrats held an incredibly successful convention Former White House senior adviser Steve Bannon was indicted on charges of fraud and money laundering Another federal judge ordered that Trump turn over eight years of his tax returns toot suite […]

Was William Barr An Accomplice In The ‘Suicide’ Of Jeffery Epstein?

From the moment Jeffrey Epstein was found unresponsive in his jail cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in New York last August, there’s been endless speculation that the notorious sex offender might have been “assisted” in his actions. In other words, many wondered if Epstein had been murdered and who might be responsible for […]

Freudian Slip? Trump Suggests Jeffrey Epstein Was Murdered

If you haven’t yet seen the entire interview that President Donald Trump gave to Jonathan Swan of Axios, you missed one hell of a massive presidential clusterfuck, as the Donald ranged from topic to topic, minimizing the massive death toll in the United States from COVID-19 (“It is what it is.”) to dissing the late […]

Don Jr. Attacks The Clintons For Their Connections To Jeffrey Epstein And Immediately Regrets It

Donald Trump Jr. is a smug little prick who absolutely loves to try and troll people on social media, but the majority of the time he only serves to humiliate himself and his family with his moronic postings which almost always wind up backfiring badly. And yet, despite his repeated failures at being snarky or […]

Judge Rules Sexual Assault Deposition Against Alan Dershowitz Unsealed And Made Public

There’s an excellent chance that attorney and law professor Alan Dershowitz won’t be sleeping very well thanks to a momentous ruling from a federal judge in New York. Julie Brown, a reporter for The Miami Herald, revealed that a deposition given by a woman who has accused for sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and Dershowitz of […]

Is Donald Trump On The Verge Of Giving Ghislaine Maxwell A Presidential Pardon?

Something very strange transpired at Tuesday’s Coronavirus Task Force press conference, which was really just Donald Trump standing up and rambling wildly before he took a few questions from reporters. One of those questions was about accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, who is current in federal custody and facing felony charges that could wind up […]