Michelle Obama Just Said What We’re All Thinking About Trump’s Refusal To Admit Defeat

It has been clear for over a week now that Donald Trump lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden, and it wasn’t even close, with Biden earning 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232. And yet, here we are on November 16 with Trump still refusing to concede or do his part to ensure a seamless […]

Trump Tried To Insult Michelle Obama And Wound Up Owning Himself

In a desperate attempt to try and counter what former First Lady Michelle Obama said during the Democratic National Convention, President Donald Trump made a vain attempt at insulting Mrs. Obama and only succeeded in humiliating himself with one of the all-time great self-owns. After sending out angry tweets aimed at the former first lady […]

Michelle Obama Has The Perfect Strategy For How Democrats Can Win Big In November

On Wednesday, Netflix will release a long-awaited documentary that sounds like a must-see for anyone who’s sick and tired of Donald Trump and counting the days until November 3. The documentary, entitled, Becoming, focuses on former First Lady Michelle Obama, The Daily Beast reports: “The release of Becoming this Wednesday, centering around Michelle Obama‚Äôs event […]