Rudy’s Twofer Tuesday: Appears To Commit Perjury And Gets Suspended From the Bar

It’s been a busy day for Rudy Giuliani, who serves as personal attorney to President Donald Trump and appears to be the lead attorney on the lawsuits being filed in regard to the 2020 election, which Trump and his supporters claim was stolen from them even though they’ve yet to provide a scintilla of evidence […]

Donald Trump Jr’s Senate Subpoena Proves He’s Still In ENORMOUS Legal Jeopardy

One of the biggest surprises from the investigation conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller was that Donald Trump Jr. wasn’t indicted despite having been at that infamous June 2016 meeting held in Trump Tower with Russian nationals who promised they had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. However, as we learned Wednesday, Junior is far from in […]

New Report: Trump Directed People To Commit Perjury On MULTIPLE Occasions

Just last week, a report from BuzzFeed suggested that President Donald Trump had urged his former attorney, Michael Cohen, to lie in testimony he gave to Congress, and that news set off a flurry of talk from both Democrats and Republicans in Congress that such an act — known legally as suborning perjury — would […]

Justice Department Perjury Complaint May Keep Kavanaugh Off Supreme Court

Having survived four days of contentious confirmation hearings, it appeared that Judge Brett Kavanaugh might just manage to squeak by with the smallest of margins and earn a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court, despite the fact that he appeared to have contradicted himself under oath on more than a few occasions when questioned by […]