Atlanta Cop Lets Black Man Go After Realizing He’s Being Filmed (Video)

In today’s world, where virtually everyone who has a cell phone is also carrying a video camera, police know they are being watched like never before. And one member of the Atlanta Police Department got caught arresting a man for doing nothing, then let the man go after realizing he was being recorded. The video […]

This Is What Racial Profiling Looks Like Up Close (Video)

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Colorado is representing two African-American men who were recently stopped and detained by police in an case of what the ACLU calls blatant racial profiling. And they have the encounter on video. In the video, Ryan Brown and his brother, Benjamin Brown, are seen being placed in handcuffs on […]

Caught On Video: A Cop Tells A Black Teen: ‘F**k With Me, I’ll Break Your Leg’

A police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, pulled over a car with four black youths in it and can be seen on video threatening them with physical violence if they attempt to run. Hamza Jeylani, who is 17, says the officer racially profiled him and his friends who were passengers in his car. Jeylani says he attempted to […]