Stephen Miller Viciously Attacks Barack Obama And Gets His A*s Handed To Him

Stephen Miller, who serves as Senior Adviser to President Donald Trump, has been the “brains” behind some of the Trump administration’s cruelest and most inhumane policies, most notably the family separation policy which rips immigrant children from their parents and places them into modern-day American concentration camps where they are forced to sleep on cold […]

Trump Calls For William Barr To Prosecute Obama And ‘Go Down As The Greatest AG In History’

We were all raised to believe that the United States could never ever become the sort of country where the leader in power arrests and charges his predecessor. That sort of thing, we were taught in history class, only happens in banana republics led by tinpot dictators who rule by decree and silence any dissent […]

Delusional Donald Claims He’s More Popular Than Obama And Gets Pelted With Internet Karma

Donald Trump is struggling to find a ray of sunshine amidst the downpour that is sinking him further in the national polls in a head-to-head matchup with Joe Biden, and he’s getting so desperate that he’s resorted to making up polling results that either don’t exist or are based on badly flawed methodology. Bright and […]

Biden And Obama Expertly Troll The Thin-Skinned Trump In Brilliant New Campaign Ad

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past four years of the current administration, it’s that Donald Trump is absolutely obsessed with former President Barack Obama. He constantly complains about his predecessor and even tries to reverse or destroy every program put into place during Obama’s two terms in office. So it seems only […]

GOP Sources: Trump Is Furious That Americans Still Love Obama More Than Him

Over the past few weeks, Donald Trump has been more obsessed than usual with his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, even going to far as to suggest (without a shred of proof) that the Obama administration illegally spied on the 2016 Trump campaign and giving rise to a Twitter hashtag, #Obamagate. As you’d expect, Trump’s […]

Election Forecaster: Trump Just Made ‘The Dumbest Possible Move’ With His 2020 Campaign

Donald Trump is worried. Specifically, he’s worried that he’s way behind in the polls to Joe Biden and is on the verge of being blown out on Election Day. Trump is so terrified of losing that Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair notes the president is considering firing his entire campaign team: “Seeking to change the […]

Trump Tried To Blame Obama For His Own Virus Testing Failures – It Blew Up In His Face

Poor Donald Trump! He’s screwed up the federal response to the novel coronavirus, the economy is in the crapper, and his approval rating is at its lowest level since he took office. Of course, as it always the case, nothing is ever the Donald’s fault. And he proved that again today at the White House […]

Bill Barr Got His A*s Handed To Him When Attempted To Blame Obama For The Russia Investigation

Attorney General William Barr had it all planned out. From the moment he was confirmed as AG, Barr had a clear strategy of how to not only protect President Donald Trump, but also how he would pull a jiu-jitsu move and blame the entire Russia investigation on someone else. First of all, Barr issued his […]