WATCH Ohio Christians Tell CNN They’re Offended By Trump’s Stance On Muslim Immigration

Perhaps Donald Trump assumes that Americans by and large agree with his Muslim travel ban, which has been struck down by numerous federal courts. Perhaps he also assumes that Christians in the United States will support his position that no Muslims should be allowed into the country. But based on the comments of some Ohioans […]

‘Christian’ Evangelist Urges Fathers To Shoot Any Trans People Who Show Up In Bathrooms

Perhaps you’ve heard of James Dobson. He’s the founder and president of a right-wing group known as Focus on the Family, and he’s also a massive heap of human excrement who has attacked President Obama in his sermons, alleging the President is a “tyrant [who] assault[s] centuries of modesty and moral beliefs.” In a new article […]

Texas GOP Group Promotes Blog Stating, ‘Islam Is A Satanic Cult Of Murder’

The Travis County, Texas, GOP is in very hot water after tweeting out–and then deleting–the link to a virulently anti-Islamic blog post. The county GOP group promoted the Conservative Daily News post stating that “Islam is a Satanic Cult of murder, not a ‘religion’” late Monday but then apparently deleted it by late Tuesday morning, reported the […]